“The Power of Story in Films” with film editor Gabriella Cristiani and author Robin Rice

May 30, 2007
Hosted by Randall Libero

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Episode Description

With their five day Red Carpet Storytellers seminars, Academy Award winning film editor Gabriella Cristiani (Bernardo Bertolucci's The Last Emperor) joins with internationally published novelist Robin Rice to illuminate the most powerful elements of storytelling as applied to film. They also reveal the story behind the story—the teamwork, shared vision, and attention to “creative magic” that is required to bring stories to life. More about the seminars can be found at RedCarpetStorytellers.com.

Spirit of Film: Conversations

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Movies are changing the way we think, live and dream. “Spirit of Film: Conversations” with Randall Libero showcases the resurgence of modern movies beyond traditional Hollywood fare; those with a strong social conscience, a search for values and meaning, and a willingness to take risks. The program explores the personal and artistic journeys of today’s independent and visionary filmmakers who are ‘breaking the mold’ and communicating their message by using new methods of distribution available in the New Media culture to make an impact. The program celebrates motion picture’s unique magic power to move us emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually in this New Era of ‘Visionary Entertainment’; as new methods of storytelling, art, technology, and movie distribution are converging.

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Randall Libero

Randall Libero is a pioneering Internet media producer, TV and radio show host, writer, journalist, and speaker in the media, entertainment, and technology industries. Randall's mission is to promote a new era of what he calls “Visionary Entertainment,” and is a consultant in Internet marketing communications advising on strategies of how to tell an “online story” using engaging and dynamic content. As Senior Executive Producer for the VoiceAmerica Network, he created and directed the pioneering 7th Wave online radio broadcast channel, which premiered in May 2006, and has grown to more than half a million listeners monthly. Randall has personally produced more than 10,000 hours of original radio and TV programming and web events with some of the world’s leading best-selling authors, motivational personalities, visionary thinkers, and business leaders and is the producer and host of “Spirit of Film: Conversations” www.spiritoffilm.net

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  • 5/30/2007: “The Power of Story in Films” with film editor Gabriella Cristiani and author Robin Rice Listen Now

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