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Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Hosted by James Robinson

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Get Real Radio features honest, objective and fearless exploration with compelling guests on timely topics on the cutting edge of personal and professional development, spirituality and consciousness—selected to help you to easily transcend limitation, breakthrough illusions, and realize your potential. Featuring interviews with recognized leaders with deep experience and wisdom—top self-improvement coaches, authors, healing practitioners, doctors, scientists, relationship and new age experts, and well-known gurus—James and his guests share proven tools, techniques and quality content that informs, inspires and enlightens, leaving you thinking more profoundly about your world, expanding what's possible, and transforming the way you live. Always empowering, always engaging, James and his guests inspire people to greater levels of success and happiness! Get Real Radio is broadcast live on Fridays at 11 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

James Robinson

James is a crusader of truth and the divine. An award winning trial attorney for over 25 years, he quit in 2004 to find God and healing. He has studied with all sorts of spiritual teachers, including teachers of magic, philosophy, and so-called gurus. He has been certified in over a dozen mystical and magical healing systems and has an international clientele. He has experienced what is real and what is counterfeit. He has belonged to cults and to groups dedicated to self-improvement. He also has a special relationship with nature, and raises all natural grass fed beef cattle and has trained horses for decades on his ranch in Montana. He has written five books (several international book award winners) including “What is Love” and “How Big is Your But?” and has been published in national medical journals. He has been recognized as an expert in spirituality, and has appeared on national TV and radio shows. He has an uncanny ability to find the truth.
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