People to People: Working Together for Your Safety

Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Hosted by Stan Salot Jr.

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We tell our children to wash their hands routinely, clean the kitchen and bathroom thoroughly (since they tend to harbor the most germs), and buy eco-friendly cleaners to protect our planet. But, despite our best efforts, hazardous and counterfeit materials are still slipping into our homes and environment. While you may know the basics of shopping for safe and environmentally friendly products, including the brands to look for, it is still easy to miss products that pose health risks. In fact, some hazardous materials, albeit small amounts, are allowed in the products we buy: musical birthday cards, earrings, light bulbs, hair bands and brushes, school supplies, and even electronic and non-electronic toys. Do you know that chemicals in common household products can be everywhere, from plastics to packaging to your garden hose? Listen for the answers every Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Stan Salot Jr.

Mr. Salot is a leading expert in business and quality process management. As the President and Chief Executive Officer of the ECC Corporation, he represents the interests of the U.S. industry in the International Electro-Technical Commission Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ). Mr. Salot is a member of several distinctive industry bodies, including the IECQ Chairman’s Advisory Group, the U. S. Technical Advisory Group for Environmental Management Standards, the U.S. SAE Working Groups for Counterfeit Mitigation Standards and the American National Standards Institute. Moreover, he was the chairman of the international IECQ Working Group 5 authoring the international certification scheme. This program is used by electrical, mechanical, toy and other consumer goods manufacturers to demonstrate their compliance with hazardous substance process management (HSPM). Mr. Salot is the current convener of the International Working Group 6 that maintains the International Counterfeit Mitigation Certification Scheme. A frequent guest speaker on radio and Internet TV programs, Mr. Salot is also the host of the VoiceAmerica Show called: People to People– Working Together for Your Safety. He is author of “The Hazardous Substance Process Management Handbook” and he regularly contributes articles in national and international technical journals and online magazines.
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