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Tuesday at 7 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Hosted by Laura Mineff

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Many of us have chosen to embrace the different passages of our lives. We grow attached to our families and extended families in cherishing and enjoying sharing time and activities. As our brothers and sisters have families and our children create their own families, life keeps going on even during change with the older generation’s mobility and lifestyle challenges. We remember the times we have shared together from the many lasting memories. As we age in the place we love, we modify our homes to support our new needs and help us maintain our independence so that we can continue to live in our homes. It is nurturing for us to embrace the reality that for our continued well-being. There are many ways to help and enhance our lives while maintaining and still living in our homes. You can start by tuning in to Dynamic Insights for your Home Environment, live every Tuesday at 7 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Laura Mineff

I have been a design contractor for 18 years in establishing my own business, which offers life-style consultation, building and designed concepts for individuals and commercial projects throughout the United States. I absolutely love what I do and have an insightful gift of extracting from my clients what they are looking to create for their desires and needs. My background includes a career as a licensed practical nurse, who has experience in assisting people with health and living challenges during life’s changes. I have taken on the challenge of working with major developers and conquering build outs for residential and commercial projects to reflect the changing lifestyle environments across the country. My knowledge and understanding of design development, contracting and general contracting embrace diverse elements to create atmospheres clients gravitate towards as they grow and expand in their life. I have tremendously enjoyed working with people in different stages of their life, health, family and home. I am a member of NAWBO, BNI and Cleveland HBA and have been recognized with 5 stars from HOUZ. BIA Home Association has acknowledged my business as a leader in green residential home projects that integrated teams from the community and local student groups. My goal to help and invigorate my clients to dwell in the best environment for their emotional, physical and professional lives is what I am passionate about in watching the joy of others come alive.
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