Inner Revolutionary Radio

Thursday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Hosted by Beth Green and Co-Host James Maynard

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You count! Your voice, compassion and dedication to doing the right thing are part and parcel of the Inner Revolution that is sweeping our world, and Inner Revolutionary Radio is your platform. We may not be perfect, but we are standing up to mindless conformity, facing our negative patterns and beliefs, working together to make this a better world. Inner Revolutionary Radio gives us a voice and a way of joining forces. We share a vision: a recognition of our Oneness with one another and the planet, an acknowledgement of our Accountability for our impact on ourselves and each other, a dedication to Mutual Support, knowing that we can’t thrive in a world that is not also thriving. And we’re developing the courage to stand up to all tyrannies, even those in our heads. Each week we offer News of the Inner Revolution and introduce you to guests who are shaking up the world. Tune in, participate, and support this vision. Join us also on the Inner Revolutionary TV channel on VoiceAmerica.TV

Beth Green

Beth Green has always been a revolutionary, first as a social activist, then as a spiritual activist. Combining higher consciousness, spunk and common sense, Beth uses her humor, insight and intuition to help us identify our negative patterns and heal ourselves, so we can be a blessing to our world. Beth’s goal for her radio and TV shows is to create a platform and offer a shared vision for Inner Revolutionaries all over the planet: those who support Oneness, Accountability and Mutual Support; confront mindless traditions; and come together to empower us all. Beth has always been a catalyst for change. Before 1978, she was a social activist, lending heart and soul to creating a more just world. A spiritual awakening in 1978 revealed her astonishing ability to instantly access a guiding inner voice. Since then, Beth’s spiritual power, courage and passion for helping others have made her an effective original teacher and counselor with the capacity to effect change in individuals and groups. In 1983 she founded, originally named The Stream, now a thriving community that walks its talk. Her intuitive healing work is fast, deep and precise. Her book Living with Reality (she has written 5) is a manual for living beyond ego. Her Huffington Post blogs offer fresh thinking. All her work – music, workshops, trainings, the School of Intuitive Counseling – confront the ego, but nurture the soul. And her Inner Revolutionary TV channel rocks. (See VoiceAmerica.TV).

Co-Host James Maynard

James is a born ham who aspired to be a big cheese. A creative guy who played jazz trumpet professionally with Big Band groups and who loves to sing and compose music, he got sidetracked into the legal field in order to live the life he thought he should. In the early 70s, he broke loose and got involved in the New Age movement, studying the esoteric and living at the groundbreaking New Age community, Findhorn, in Scotland. Returning to the US 3 years later, he also became deeply involved in the field of hypnotherapy, not only as a practitioner, but as a teacher and founder of the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute. He underplayed those aspects of him again by returning to the practice of law, but in the past few years, he has broken free for good. He gets to be a ham as co-host of Inner Revolutionary Radio. He’s now actively reinvigorating his musical career, blowing his horn, singing and composing, and he supports his wife Beth with her private consultations, 15 Minutes with Beth, and with all her other work.
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