Be More. Achieve More.

Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Hosted by Chris Cooper

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Be More. Achieve More. provides inspiration for people who would like to grow businesses that authentically add value to others. People who are prepared to put the effort in to learn and do things well succeed where less successful people fail. Our show highlights the key principles in personal and business success that will help you increase your chances. It’s an energizing, warm and inspiring show that supports the roller coaster ride to entrepreneurial and personal achievement. Equally, if you wish to rise up the corporate ladder or become a better more authentic leader this show will help you to stand out from the crowd. Our show will include very successful high achievers, entrepreneurs, speakers and subject experts from around the world - from a variety of interesting professions and backgrounds who now leverage their talents to inspire others to achieve more. Be More. Achieve More. airs live Fridays at 8 AM Pacific/4 PM GMT on VoiceAmerica Business.

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper has a reputation for helping corporate and entrepreneurial leaders and teams transform their performance. He began his career working for large global branded companies such as Rank Xerox and Mars. Working in sales, marketing, HR, training, procurement and logistics progressing to board level.

Wanting greater personal freedom, Chris began setting up businesses. His first was a procurement consultancy that he set up with partners. By its second year it turned over two million pounds. However, the business was not in full alignment with his purpose, which is to inspire individuals and organizations to realize their true potential. Today, he achieves this through business mentoring, coaching, bespoke training, consultancy, writing, speaking and broadcasting

Through Be More.Achieve More, Chris helps those who have changed careers or are contemplating doing so to create and build their own businesses and also employees who wish to take responsibility for their own personal development. Chris provides the inspiration for these successful transitions.

Chris also has a corporate development consultancy, CC1 Consulting that helps leaders develop themselves and their people for greater results. He lives in Leicestershire, England with his wife Ruth and two young boys.
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