Minding Our Business: Creating a Spiritual Economy

Monday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Hosted by Nadene Rogers

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Minding Our Business explores the application of universal, spiritual principles in business to expand both individually and organizationally the desire to vision, the willingness to implement and the capacity to manifest joyful, creative and collaborative environments where everyone feels honored and valued, to engender an urgency to live and work from the place of sufficiency, both inwardly and outwardly becoming cause to the increased wellbeing of all concerned. We will share a paradigm of value based conscious leadership that unites rather than divides, by exploring commonly faced business challenges in a way that guarantees an increase in both the qualitative and quantitative bottom line. We’ll feature interviews with business leaders who are already implementing spiritual based solutions and strategies. We’ll also focus on personal best practices including a take away for the week, along with the opportunity for you to ask questions and share your Workplace Wins!

Nadene Rogers

Nadene is veteran speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor and business coach, inspired by the belief that humanity has within it all it has ever needed to vision and manifest a life of prosperous and joyful return!

Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1953, Nadene has the entrepreneurial spirit! As past founding director of Calgary's former: Shenanigans Clown School and Entertainment Agency, The Teens of Distinction Society and the Seniors' Dreamwish Foundation, Nadene has been serving as founding executive/spiritual director of the Calgary JOY of Life Centre for Spiritual Living since its inception in 2003.

A New Thought Leader, bridging science and spirituality into everyday corporate decision making, Nadene serves to change the energy of business. Her whole mind approach empowers emergent leaders with spiritually principled perspectives guaranteed to ignite creativity and collaboration, while cultivating a deepening commitment to grow community and a new corporate humanity.

Nadene's work is compelling, moving and solution oriented, focusing on the power each of us possess to change the way we think and act to procure the highest possible return on one’s investments, both personally, professionally an as an agent of social profit.
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