The Inside Score

Monday at 4 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Sports Channel

Hosted by Beth Silverberg, with Tsin-Tsin Ong and Stacie DeBerry

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All women hosts, All Sports, All of the Time. We entertain and educate the USA like no other show on the market today. The Inside Score is designed to be the ultimate destination for men and women who love and want to learn about sports via the athletes and coaches. Every week we feature a guest Sports Girl.

Our show highlights all positive aspects of today’s popular sports and showcase athlete foundations. We give the athlete a chance to tell their success stories, reveal their passion, and highlight all of the encouraging events they do for their community. We spend one on one time with each athlete, and show America that they have a life off of the field, court, or ice. We also feature highlights from one of the original Sports Girls each week. There are so many foundations that help change lives and The Inside Score proves it. All you need to do is tune in, sit back and enjoy the show, Monday at 4 PM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Sports.

Beth Silverberg, with Tsin-Tsin Ong and Stacie DeBerry

Beth Silverberg is the owner, creator, host, and the brains behind The Sports Girls LLC multi media corporation. Beth is a radio/TV host, football enthusiast, promoter for the ViSalus 90 Day challenge, gym addict, published author, and a top animal health pharmaceutical representative. Beth also has hosted various charity events with elite athletes like Davone Bess and more. She Co-Hosted New York Sports Talk on ESPN Radio and has been on various Sports Talk Radio Shows including Sports Byline USA. Beth is a published author of the book, “The Adventures of Mattie Mae; Life Lessons Through The Eyes Of A Puppy.” This book helps save animals lives, with proceeds donated to the Humane Society to help animals all over the USA.

Tsin-Tsin Ong, co-host of The Inside Score has been involved in the professional sports industry since 2008. She is an Operations Assistant at Bommarito Performance Systems where hundreds of professional athletes come to sharpen their skills. She is an avid sports fan, a fan of the athlete, and is excited to bring some insight on the positive aspect of professional athlete’s lives!

Stacie DeBerry is a co-host on The Inside Score by the Sports Girls. She is also the founder and CEO of Sport Basix an internet based company providing online instructional videos to teach women a sport in 30 minutes or less. Stacie believes that women who know sports have an advantage in their professional life, romantic life and personal life. Stacie spreads her mission to teach women to "learn, love and live sports", through her website, her blog and her YouTube videos. Stacie is hard at work on her first book scheduled for release in the fall of 2014.
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