Surf Talk Show

Thursday at 11 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Sports Channel

Hosted by JJ and The Doctor

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Surf Talk Show is about all aspects of surfing, from the world of competitive surfing, surf culture, fashion, art, music and more. The intrigue of the world’s most fascinating and difficult board sport will be explored through the eyes of two colorful and animated experts in the surfing world. Any and all aspects of surfing will be open for discussion with Surf Talk Show. Don't even try to prepare for what your ears will be hearing and feeling as the world of surfing takes on a whole new meaning through these two surf fanatics’ zany antics! This is a rich colorful look inside the world of surfing by two surfers who love to surf and were born to entertain. Surf Talk Show is broadcast live every Thursday at 11 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Sports Channel.

JJ and The Doctor

JJ has been surfing competitively for 30 years and still finishes at the top surfing against kids half his age when he competes in pro-am events. JJ and the Doctor. have been involved with surfing their entire lives. JJ has lived in some of surfing's epicenters including San Clemente, California and North Shore, Hawaii, while The Doctor has focused more on the adventure aspect of surfing having traveled to over twenty countries. The Doctor has been published in many surf magazines and hosted action sports TV shows and live events. Together JJ and The Doctor will bring you their Surf Talk Show with the goal to create a unique format where you can be entertained and educated about the unique sport and culture they so love, whether you are hardcore or novice. With guests from a wide array of backgrounds including professional surfers, environmentalists, shapers, filmmakers, musicians and artists, JJ and The Doctor’s Surf Talk Show hopes to create a platform for today's current topics while giving you a real authentic experience presented by two of surfing's most colorful personalities.
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