Sports Info U.M.

Monday at 5 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Sports Channel

Hosted by Darryl Oliver and Sam Sword

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Sports Info U.M is hosted by former NCAA champions and NFL players Darryl Oliver and Sam Sword. Darryl and Sam have extensive knowledge of football in the training camps, on the field and everywhere in between. They will use their past experiences to focus on football drafts, offseason stories, and gridiron play by plays, while simultaneously discussing the hot and cold of the current sports scene. Darryl and Sam have an extensive list of guests ranging from Hall of Fame coaches, to current NFL players to add suspense and ingenuity to their already entertaining show.

Darryl Oliver

Darryl Oliver won his first state championship in high school playing for Palatka High in 1981. He was a NCAA champion and NFL player for the University of Miami, Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons. He played on Miami’s 1983 football team to help them win Florida’s first NCAA championship. Darryl is just as energetic teaching and coaching high school, as he was playing running back for the Ibis’. Playing under coaches like Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson, Darryl has obtained an outlook for sports that is sought after by many and adored by more. Darryl has coached at high schools all over North and South Florida as an Assistant Coach, a Running Back Coach and as an Offensive Coordinator His opinions on football and sports in general will leave you at the edge of your seat and will keep your ears on the speakers waiting for more.

Sam Sword

Sam Sword played for the University of Michigan from 1994 to 1999 winning championships under the prestigious Lloyd Carr. To this day he is still recognized as the 3rd highest leader in career tackles at Michigan with 265 tackles. While at U.M., he would befriend future Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and be nominated All Big 10 and receive All American recognition. He played for the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning and also with the Oakland Raiders. He’s seen the game from training camps, locker rooms, and ten yard lines. Coaching at the high school and college football level, Sam knows the X’s and O’s of the game like the back of his hand. He looks at the game “like a chess board.” With family and friends in other fields of sports and his own past adventures on the gridiron, Sword will entertain you alongside Darryl with interesting facts and standpoints that only a past player could know.
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