Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show

Thursday at 5 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel

Hosted by Rinsley Phelps and Callie Young

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The Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show is a show hosted by two middle-school Super Girls, Rinsley and Callie that airs every Thursday at 5 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Kids Channel. These Super Girls talk about real-life issues girl face today at school and out in their community. They talk about hobbies, friendships, bullying and what it means to live their lives as Super Girls. Regular topics Rinsley and Callie will share their thoughts on are respect, acceptance, healthy relationships, peer-pressure, competition and body image.

Rinsley Phelps

Rinsley Phelps was born on August 11, 1998 in Tucson, Arizona. She started talking at seven months old and hasn’t stopped talking since. At the age of three she sang her first solo in a children’s program. Then at age six she stepped on to the ice for the first time and fell in love with figure skating. She started taking figure skating lessons at nine years old. She has been skating competitively for five years. At thirteen, Rinsley became a model with Signature Models and Talent. She recently hung up her skates due to a series of injuries and is now fully recovered and continuing to peruse her acting singing and modeling career. Rinsley has been bullied since kindergarten and as she enters her freshman year in high school is excited to share tips on how to handle bullying and on how to be a Super Girl!

Callie Young

Callie Young is an 11-year-old Super Girl in sixth grade. She’s full of energy and excited to co-host Super Girl Guide: The Radio Show with her friend Carlee.

Callie’s word to describe herself is fearless. That philosophy is what helps her when she’s dancing or singing in front of audiences. She is involved in show choir at school and in The Noise. She sings and competes in local Idol competitions and has also sung the National Anthem for the D-Backs and at Grand Canyon University.

Her passion for singing, dancing and expressing herself creatively has led to being bullied and standing up for her friends who are also bullied. Her peers bully her to discourage her in her performance art and bully her because she enjoys dressing uniquely.

Her fearlessness is tied to standing up for what’s right whether it’s involving her life or her friends life. She believes bullying is an issue that she wants to help with in any way she can. She hopes that bullying goes away one day all together.

In addition to singing and dancing, she loves to express herself in other creative ways. Callie acts, plays guitar, reads, writes and takes archery lessons. She loves photography, movies, and art as well.

Callie is a Super Girl in all that she does. She has a younger two-year-old brother and loves being an older sister. She strives to be the best role model by setting exceptional examples of kindness, courage, strength, and following her heart and dreams.
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