Indie Girls

Thursday at 5 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel

Hosted by Rinsley Phelps and Callie Young

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This show is about two teens with a dream to sing. Follow them as they run down the walkway to success! Listen to them share tips, interview other artists and talk about what it is like trying to make it big. Indie Girls are always themselves! They are all about being independent and making their own decisions. They are not afraid to make a statement, but are always respectful to others. Callie and Rinsley are the Indie Girls! Listen live every Thursday at 5 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Kids Channel.

Rinsley Phelps

Rinsley is 15 years old and goes to Kimber Academy. Ever since Rinsley was little she knew she would be a singer. She had her first solo when she was 3.Then at 6 started doing lots of musical theater. As Rinsley began to try new things, singing became less and less important to her. That’s when Rinsley found figure skating. She had an instant connection with the ice. After she passed all of her basic skills and free skate classes she began to skate competitively and did very well. At the beginning of 2013 Rinsley broke her ankle while skating. Once she healed and was back on the ice, she did not feel the same connection and determination she once had. At that point she made the heart breaking decision to quit skating. Although, this was the hardest decision for her, it was also the best and changed her life forever. It was during this tough time that Rinsley had entered a singing competition called Hot Pipes (where she met one of her best friends, Callie Young) and with no professional help won first place and made it to the Grand Finals. That’s when she decided she would be a singer and that’s exactly what she did. In the midst of all this, Callie introduced her to the online radio scene. Rinsley is always grateful to God, family and friends for opportunities that she has the privilege of being a part of. She has made it very clear she will never stop singing and she will never settle for less than her dreams!

Callie Young

Callie Young is a thirteen-year-old girl with a passion for the arts. She has a love for singing and anything musical! Callie loves to play guitar and write songs about friendships, hardships, and her dreams of being a successful performer. She has been in musicals such as "Big, The Musical!" and "High School Musical On Stage". She loves all kinds of music, but especially pop, indie, and musical theater. Callie does competitions around Arizona such as Peoria Idol, Country Idol, Chandler Idol, etc. One of her favorite competitions she's participated in was Hot Pipes- where she met her co-host Rinsley! She loves doing competitions because she learns so many new things and how to better herself as a performer. Callie is in Chicks with Picks, which is an organization for girls that play guitar around the Phoenix Valley. She sings at many Women's Expos and at Phoenix Children's hospital. Callie looks up to performers such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran because they're famous and because they have a passion for music, like Callie, instead of for the fame and money. Callie is very excited for Indie Girls because she will get to talk to many artists that share her love for music!
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