Mario Jr. Alive and Green

Tuesday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel

Hosted by Mario Ridgley Jr.

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The Mario Jr. Alive and Green Show will help you shrink your carbon footprint while connecting you to your neighbors around the globe!

Mario Jr. discovered every year we throw away fifty billion food and drink cans, twenty-seven billion glass bottles and jars, and sixty-five million plastic and metal jar can covers. More than thirty percent of our waste is packaging materials. He asked, “Where does it all go?” Some eighty five percent of our garbage is sent to a dump, or landfill, where it can take from one-hundred to four-hundred years for things like cloth and aluminum to decompose and glass has been found in perfect condition after four-thousand years! Mario Jr. realized we are quickly running out of space and decided to put what he learned in to action by sharing his knowledge of the "Three ‘R’ Basics" - Reducing, Reusing and Recycling! Listen in each week to be informed and inspired!

Mario Ridgley Jr.

Mario Jr. is a 16 year old A–B Honor Community and Environmental Activist, who at age 12, won the Florida State Science Fair, became class president and partnered with Waste Pro of Florida to establish The Imagine School at Town Center's Recycling Program "Recycling with a Twist"! His innovative kid ran program offers yearly certification to the ISTC Six Measurements of Excellence in economic sustainability goals, reducing school costs with a “Go Green” campaign including lots of fun pizza parties.

Mario Jr understands going green is not the only way to save the planet. He believes in community and works diligently to provide a platform and voice to all cutting-edge kids making a positive difference in the world. Broadcasting legend Perry Damone, the late founder of The KidStar Radio Network, saw Mario Jr's hope for humanity and named him president of the KidStar Radio Corporation. Mr. Damone said “Every day it seems when I turn on the news there are more horrible situations where kids are in trouble. KidStar provides an opportunity where none otherwise would exist, where kids get involved at an early age which molds their character and instill a value system that will let them build self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments."
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