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Alice Abruzzinni "Vanna 2" Nonie

Alice Abruzzini aka Nonie is a native of Napa Valley and has been in the viticulture industry for 68 years. At 87 years young, she is the mother of 5, grandmother to 11, and great-grandmother to 10. She crossed off her bucket list on the April 11, 2016 Wheel of Fortune TV series making TV history when she was asked to be “Vanna” to end the show where her grandson, Brian, had just won the game. View Guest page

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Lucy Angel

Lucy Angel Consisting of mother Kate and daughters Lindsay and Emily Anderton, Lucy Angel is celebrating the release of their debut self-titled album to alongside their AXS TV docu-series DISCOVERING LUCY ANGEL. The lead-off single “Crazy Too” as heard on SiriusXM The Highway reached the Top 20's on Sirius XM's Hot 45 Countdown chart. The trio's tight harmonies and unforgettable brand has led them to open for Jake Owen, Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels, Jerrod Niemann, Casey James, Neal McCoy and more. Building their fan base worldwide, Lucy Angel was honored as the first Western/American act to ever sing at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. Lucy Angels self-titled album is available exclusively at Walmarts and Targets nationwide along with all online digital retailers. For more information, visit; go to their Facebook page here and follow them on Twitter, @LucyAngelBand; on Instagram and YouTube. View Guest page

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Michelle Arbeau

Michelle Arbeau is an internationally recognized Celebrity Numerologist, author, inspirational speaker and radio and tv host. She has a Hollywood clientele base that includes Twilight vampires, Big Bang Theory actress, Pirates of the Caribbean actor, NBC Director, Celebrity stylist and many more. A media favorite and considered an expert in her field, Michelle is the author of The Energy of Words. View Guest page

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Mindee Arnett

Mindee Arnett is the author of two young adult series: The Arkwell Academy Series, a contemporary fantasy from Tor Teen (Macmillan), and Avalon, a sci-fi thriller from Balzer+Bray (HarperCollins). She has a Master of Arts in English literature with an emphasis in Creative Writing. She lives on a horse farm in Ohio with her husband, two kids, a couple of dogs, and an inappropriate number of cats. She’s addicted to jumping horses and telling tales of magic, the macabre, and outer space. View Guest page

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Bud Bilanich

Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy, is an executive coach, motivational speaker, author and blogger. Dr. Bilanich is Harvard educated but has a no nonsense approach to his work to goes back to his roots in the steel country of Western Pennsylvania. Bud is a cancer survivor, on the faculty at the University of Denver Business School and lives in Denver with his wife Cathy. He is a retired rugby player and an avid cyclist. He likes movies, live theatre and crime fiction. View Guest page

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Paul Bogle

Paul has been working as a professional astrologer for 26 years and counsels individuals and couples using astrology, dream-work, and other divination tools. Along with personal matters, Paul helps clients find the best possible time for their endeavors, such as, when to schedule a business meeting, when to get married, what weeks are best for a vacation. View Guest page

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Erin Bow

Erin Bow gave up a promising career as a particle physicist to write books. She has five of them -- two books of poetry, two novels for teenagers, and a memoir, plus the brand new YA science fiction novel THE SCORPION RULES, out September 22nd. Erin lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband James, who is also a novelist. They have two small daughters, both of whom want to be scientists. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Heather Brittany

As a young teen in 1999, Heather Brittany was instrumental in launching Be the Star You Are!® 501 c3 and currently serves on the Board of Directors. She is the producer and co-host of Health Matters and T42 on the Voice America radio program, StarStyle®-Be the Star You Are!® heard every Wednesday from 4-5pm on the Empowerment Channel. Since childhood Heather has been a model, actor, and voice talent and is currently a physical fitness instructor and certified Bar Method teacher. Juggling multiple projects, Heather has become an expert at organization. Listen to Starstyle® Radio at and View Guest page

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Diane Bush

Diane Bush directs the Young Worker Project at the Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) at the University of California, Berkeley. She coordinates a statewide working group whose goal is to protect and educate California’s young workers. A core project is our annual Safe Jobs for Youth Month campaign. View Guest page

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Rachel Caine

Rachel began her publishing career in 1991 under the name Roxanne Longstreet with her first novel, Stormriders, a media tie-in novel for the role-playing game Shadow World. In 2003, she began writing as Rachel Caine with the launch of the bestselling Weather Warden series in urban fantasy, followed by spinoff series Outcast Season, the Red Letter Days duology, and the Revivalist series. In 2006, she began her career in young adult novels with the 15-book Morganville Vampires series. In 2014 she published her first stand-alone YA novel, Prince of Shadows, and in 2015, the start of the new Great Library series, Ink and Bone. She has two further novels in the series coming in 2016 and 2017, as well as a new three-book series beginning in Fall 2016. The Morganville Vampires will see a resurrection in March 2016 with Midnight Bites, a collection of short fiction. Rachel graduated with a business degree from Texas Tech University, and had a number of careers in the business world. View Guest page

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Sam Casey

Sam Casey is the youngest reporter on Express Yourself!™ Together with his gaming cousin Eddie, the two lads have created a segment called Game Boys. Sam loves cats, rats, jumping jacks, and aspires to be an actor. Eddie would like to play video games 24/7! View Guest page

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Katie Choo

Katie Choo is a sophomore at Amador Valley High School in Pleasanton, California. She has been doing competitive archery for the past four years, participating in national and international competitions. She is currently an active volunteer for Open Heart Kitchen and Science for Youth, and a volunteer in training for Stanford ValleyCare Hospital. Katie enjoys archery and working with kids, whether it’s for volunteering, coaching, or tutoring. Her segment is all about careers, called “Aim To Shoot,” and she will be reporting for “College Professors” on today’s show. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Daddy Look

Fathers, how many times on a weekly basis do you hear the expression from your children: "Daddy Look?" Have you ever wondered why they want you to look so badly? Do you know how much power exists in Daddy's Look? If you haven't been looking at them, what have you been looking at? What happens when Daddies don't look? Are there dangers in not looking? Is is too late to look? Authors Battle, Sanders and Watts tackle these questions and more in this tremendous book destined to change the lives of all who read it and truly want to make a difference in their children's lives. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dani Dipirro

Dani DiPirro is an author, blogger, and designer living in a suburb of Washington, DC. In 2009, she launched the website with the intention of sharing her insights about living a positive and present life. Dani is the author of Stay Positive, The Positively Present Guide to Life, and a variety of e-books. She is also the founder of Twenty3, a design studio focused on promoting positive, modern graphic design and illustration. Connect with Dani on, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Pema Donyo

Pema Donyo is a coffee-fueled college student by day and a creative writer by night. She currently lives in sunny Southern California, where any temperature less than 70 degrees is freezing and flip-flops never go out of season. As a current sophomore at Claremont McKenna, she’s still working on mastering that delicate balance between finishing homework, meeting publisher deadlines, and college. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Carol Freeman

Carol Freeman’s true passion is photographing nature. Her images reflect her philosophy of finding beauty in everything. Her art is an extension of her affinity for the serene, healing aspects of the world around her. She sees with an artist’s eye and feels with a naturalist’s heart. Her respect of nature has led her to create beautiful, light-filled images with low-impact techniques that leave the habitat just as she found it. Her shots are all achieved without the use of flash, fill, or tripod. Carol is happiest when she’s out in nature taking pictures; investigating prairies, wetlands and nature preserves; looking for endangered species; and finding new ways to make a difference.
She can be reached at Carol Freeman Photography at 847-404-8508, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Debra Gano

Debra Gano is the CEO, Publisher, & Founding Editor of BYOU ‘Be Your Own You’ Magazine, a national self-esteem publication for girls ages 7-14; she is also the best-selling author of Beauty’s Secret, A Girl’s Discovery of Inner Beauty, the first book in her Heartlight Girls series, which has received multiple national awards, including Gold Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award and USA Best Books Children’s Fiction of the Year. Debra is a former international model and actress who now dedicates her life to the empowerment of girls and women, speaking on national stages and as an expert in the media on self-esteem. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sandy Goldsworthy

Sandy Goldsworthy was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. Her passion for putting pen to paper began when her high school English teacher inspired her to be more descriptive in her work. Ever since, Sandy has dabbled in creative writing, searching for that perfect shade of red. Sandy’s first novel, Aftermath, was signed by Clean Teen Publishing, in 2014. When not writing, Sandy enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, and hanging out with friends and family. She resides in southeastern Wisconsin with her husband, Mike, two children, Brittany and Kyle, and their English Mastiff, Miles. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Matt Gubbler

As Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of MaxOut Domestic Franchising and MaxOut Strength Systems, LLC’s, Matt Cubbler believes in hard work and the power of positive thinking. Bringing 25 years of military and law enforcement experience and discipline into their local studios, he encourages his clients to change their lives one session at a time. Already known for their outstanding strength and conditioning programs, thanks to the unique Barwis Methods MaxOut Tower on each piece of training equipment (the counter weight method delivers faster results than typical weight training by maximizing the eccentric or “negative” of a repetition), MaxOut owners Jason Griggs and Matt Cubbler agreed that building the inner strength of its teen clients was just as important as developing their physical strength. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jeff Gunhus

Jeff Gunhus is the author of thriller and horror novels for adults and the middle grade/YA fantasy series, The Jack Templar Monster Hunter Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. After his experience with his son, he is passionate about helping parents reach young reluctant readers and is active in child literacy issues. As a father of five, he leads an active lifestyle in Maryland with his wife Nicole by trying to constantly keep up with his kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ilana Harkavy

My name is Ilana Harkavy. I'm an LA-based singer-songwriter and I'm so excited to share my new music with you. I’ve just completed a five track EP (half an album) titled Just, Girl. This body of work sheds light on the struggles I’ve faced as a young woman and the mottos I’ve adopted to overcome them. I’ve put my heart and soul into this project. It’s been an emotional, but rewarding journey, and I truly hope that you love the music as much as I do! The Just, Girl. Project is a fiery musical movement that empowers girls to embrace their passions, be blatantly honest, and to take ownership of their individual struggles. Through the power of music, this project relates to and empowers girls to be the utmost honest version of themselves, take responsibility for who they are, and go after what they are most passionate about., View Guest page

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Geoff Herbach

Geoff Herbach’s Young Adult novels, Stupid Fast, Nothing Special, I’m With Stupid, and Fat Boy vs. The Cheerleaders, have been listed in the year’s best by the American Library Association, The American Booksellers Association, and many state library associations. Geoff won The Cybils Award for best American YA Fiction and the Minnesota Book Award for Young Readers. Prior to writing YA, he published a literary novel, The Miracle Letters of T. Rimberg, wrote comedic radio and stage shows, and traveled the country telling weird stories in rock clubs. He teaches creative writing at Minnesota State, Mankato. and lives in a log cabin with a very tall wife named Steph. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Chelsie Hill

Philanthropist, an author, a dancer, and recently a documentary TV star, Chelsie Hill offers an inspirational outlook on life that will move the hearts of many. At the age 17 Chelsie was tragically injured in a car accident leaving her T-10 Paraplegic. While in the hospital recovering from her injuries, Chelsie and her father came up with an idea for a foundation. This foundation, called Walk and Roll, is now a reality. Walk and Roll holds fundraisers to help the underprivileged who need wheelchairs and simple workout equipment but cannot afford it. Learn more about the foundation at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jake Johnson

Jake Johnson is a young teen who enjoys playing soccer, football, while running cross country and track and playing piano!Jake Johnson started his acting career at the age of seven. he is best known for his role of “young Ricky” on “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” and for his role of Lucas Moran for six seasons of Lifetime's “Army Wives”. At the age of 8, he and his sister Lachlan started their first business called Flipoutz: A silicone bracelet that held coins that kids could track and trade online at Because of this new business venture they were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, as well as PBS Biz Kids as well as being nominated for ChiTAG’s Young Inventor of the Year! Jake was recently named the winner of Warren Buffett’s “Grow Your Own Business” challenge. After selling Flipoutz, Jake went on to start a new business called Beaux Up, which is a an edgy twist on the classic self-tie bow tie that has two interchangeable bow tie halves on a unique clip. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Grace Kaufman

Grace Kaufman is close to turning 12, she is not only an actress but also a singer and dancer. She has a wide range of talents and expresses them on the projects she works on, definitely earning her a spot to be the next big star in Hollywood. She had a great year with her work in 2014 as she starred in television shows and movies, her amazing performances left the fans wanting more. But not to worry! She’s got more in store for 2015 as she gets ready for her premier of the Amazon pilot “Table 58”. Grace’s peers can also hear her belt out tunes as the fun, bright, crazy and opinionated ‘Deema’ on the hit animated Nick Jr. series “Bubble Guppies.” The anticipated TNT series “The Last Ship” is set to air for the second season Summer 2015 on the network where Grace will portray Eric Dane’s daughter in the futurist action adventure series produced by Michael Bay. Fans of independent films will be captivated by Grace’s emotional performance in the film “Sister,” as the lead role of ‘Niki,’ a young girl whose adoptive parents are killed. Grace is one busy little girl. View Guest page

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Kiran Kaur

Kiran Kaur is one of LOHP’s Teens Lead @ Work peer educators. These peer educators provide training and information to other high schools students about their workplace rights, protections and responsibilities. View Guest page

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Lee Kelly

Lee Kelly has wanted to write since she was old enough to hold a pencil, but it wasn’t until she began studying for the California Bar Exam that she conveniently started putting pen to paper. An entertainment lawyer by trade, Lee has practiced law in Los Angeles and New York. She lives with her husband and son in Millburn, New Jersey, though after a decade in Manhattan, she can’t help but still call herself a New Yorker. City of Savages is her first novel. Visit her at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sue Lawson

Sue Lawson writes books for children and young adults. Her love for books began when she was a child on a farm in country Victoria where she spent her time reading, writing, obsessing about Aussie Rules football, listening to her father and grandfather's stories and avoiding working with the cattle. These days, she's added stationery shops to her football obsession and when not writing, works part time for Geelong commercial radio station, BAY FM and runs workshops for young people and adults. In 2012, Pan's Whisper was short-listed for the Prime Minister's Literary Awards, was a Notable Book at the Children's Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Awards and won the Australian Family Therapists' Award for Children's Literature. You Don't Even Know was short-listed for the Western Australian Premier's Book Awards in 2014. Sue's latest book, Freedom Ride, is based on actual events. Sue's website is View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jennie Lee

Jennie Lee is a Yoga Therapist who has used the formula she writes about in True Yoga, to help people conquer paralyzing anxiety, depression, grief, post-traumatic stress, attention deficit issues, eating disorders, and challenging relationship dynamics. An expert in the field of Yoga Therapy, Jennie lives the principles of the Yoga Sutras to navigate times of trial and to remain happy regardless. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Elizabeth Lenhard

Elizabeth Lenhard has written more than 50 books for young adults and children. She's the author of the Chicks with Sticks trilogy and Sixteenth Summer and Fifteenth Summer, both written under the pen name Michelle Dalton. Her latest hot-weather romance, Flirt: Our Song, was released by Simon Pulse in July. Elizabeth lives in Decatur with her husband and two daughters, who are finally old enough to read some of her books. (Just not the "kissing ones.”) View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Heather Letto

Heather Letto was born in the hills of Ohio and raised in the 'burbs of Chicago where she still lives… most of the time! She’s the proud mom of two grown sons and in her free time loves to gypsy her way around this great country with partner-in-crime and super-hubby, Ben. The Ascension Series is her debut into the world of YA dystopia. Read Review at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Natalie Alyn Lind

Natalie Alyn Lind, the oldest of the Lind sisters, and shining young star on the hit ABC comedy series, “The Goldbergs” grew up surrounded by the entertainment industry. Her mother is an actress who starred on the hit drama “One Tree Hill,” and her father is a producer. Being on set with her mother became second nature to her, and at a very young age, she booked her first guest role on the drama alongside her mom. After Natalie booked the guest role on WB’s “One Tree Hill,” she continued on and booked a recurring role on the series Lifetime’s “Army Wives.” Natalie’s charismatic spirit and determination shone at each audition, which landed her roles on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” CBS’s “Criminal Minds”, and ABC’s “The Goldbergs”. Natalie has many upcoming projects in the works, including an upcoming Universal horror film, "Mockingbird." View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Ken Liu

Ken Liu ( is an author and translator of speculative fiction, as well as a lawyer and programmer. A winner of the Nebula, Hugo, and World Fantasy Awards, he has been published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Asimov’s, Analog, Clarkesworld, Lightspeed, and Strange Horizons, among other places. He lives with his family near Boston, Massachusetts. Ken’s debut novel, The Grace of Kings, is the first in a silk punk epic fantasy series. View Guest page

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Lupa, aka, Green Wolf, is an author, artist and amateur naturalist in Portland, OR. She is the author of several books on nature-based spirituality, most recently Nature Spirituality From the Ground Up: Connect With Totems In Your Ecosystem. More about Lupa may be found at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Katie Lyons

Katie Lyons is a freshman in high school in California. She loves sports and coaching and is a competitive swimmer and water polo player as well as a swim coach for the Special Olympics. If not in a pool, Katie can be found baking cookies or watching other sporting events - football, soccer, lacrosse, or any other game involving a ball. Katie is the sports reporter for Express Yourself! with a segment called Lion Roars! View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Gavin Macintosh

Gavin Macintosh-Star of The Fosters Gavin MacIntosh, a Tucson, Arizona native, is making waves as ‘Connor’ on the hit ABC Family series “The Fosters.” A media frenzy ensued when Gavin’s character painted his nails to support his onscreen friend Jude. The episode went viral within minutes and #goblueforjude was trending on twitter. Gavin can be seen guest starring on hit shows such as “Raising Hope” and “Parks and Recreation”.Additional credits include the feature film “Sanctioned to Die,” as well as numerous short films, including “The Science of Death” and “Breathe.” He has also appeared in national commercials for Goodyear Tires, Pizza Hut, Lowe's and Honda, and in major print campaigns. Gavin hopes to attend dental school after high school as well. Official Website: Connect with Gavin Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Jenny Mannion

Spiritual teacher and intuitive healer Jenny Mannion found her passion in her own transformation in healing herself of several chronic diseases. She is a trained intuitive healer and conducts workshops and individual sessions to help others heal themselves and create the lives of their dreams. She lives in New York and can be found online at View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Kamil McFadden

Kamil currently stars on the Disney channel original series “K.C. Undercover” as Zendaya’s younger brother.
Kamil ventured upon the stage at the age of 6. Kamil auditioned for Youth Ensemble of Atlanta a professional theater company at the age of 8. YEA was the springboard for Kamil into world of entertainment and gave him the confidence to become a triple threat. YEA gave him the training it took to become comfortable with acting, singing and dancing.
A few of Kamil's theatre credits include Raisin in the Sun, Library Dragon, Holiday Urban Soup, Times, Jeremy and the Lie. His TV credits include "House of Payne", "Cartoon Network's - "Daily Wedgies"," Fried Dynamite" and his Film credits include, "Trammel", "Peacock Feathered Blue", "An Evening with Andrew Young". Kamil has a relentless passion for all aspects of the Arts, and he has been able to accomplish his dream to work with Tyler Perry and eventually he wants to have his own television show. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

John McQuaid

John McQuaid has written about topics such as city-destroying super-termites, the slow collapse of fishing communities, hurricane levee engineering, mountaintop removal coal mining, and the global flower business for publications including Smithsonian magazine, The Washington Post, Wired,, EatingWell magazine and the New Orleans Times-Picayune. He is the co-author of Path of Destruction: The Devastation of New Orleans and the Coming Age of Superstorms. His work has won a Pulitzer Prize, as well as awards from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the International Association of Culinary Professionals. He lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, with his wife, son and daughter. The struggle to satisfy and understand the kids' strange and contradictory food choices (the elder liked super-hot peppers and limes, the younger rice, pasta and cheese) was the inspiration for Tasty. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

O.R. Melling

OR Melling was born in Ireland and grew up in Canada with her seven sisters and two brothers. At eighteen she hitch-hiked to California, seeking adventure. A year later, she was off to Malaysia and Borneo on a youth exchange program. That set her motto for life "to travel hopefully" and she has ended up in other wonderful countries such as India and Outer Mongolia. During her years at university, Melling was a reservist with the Royal Canadian Navy, gaining the Queen’s Commission and the rank of Sub-lieutenant. She has a B.A. in Philosophy and Celtic Studies and an M.A. in Medieval Irish History. Melling’s books of young adult fantasy weave spiritual themes with high adventure in the tradition of her favourite author, C.S. Lewis. Her bestselling series The Chronicles of Faerie was listed among the American Library Association’s Top Ten Fantasy Books for Youth and Top Ten Youth Books for the Environment. Melling also writes screenplays and adult novels. Her books have been translated into many languages including German, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Melling lives in a small town by the Irish Sea. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Vic Mignogna

Vic has been acting for stage and screen since he was 8 years old. But his anime career started about fifteen years ago as Vega in Streetfighter II. Since then Vic has been in more than three hundred animated series and video games. But even longer than his voice acting, Vic has been a professional music composer / singer / producer who has written and produced hundreds of pieces for TV, radio and CD. He sings the themes for shows like One Piece & DBGT, and has produced several CDs of his own original music, all available on iTunes. He has a degree in film and is deeply involved as an actor and director in several web series. He is executive producer of the award winning web series “Star Trek Continues”, where he is not only directing, but fulfilling a childhood dream of playing the iconic role of Captain Kirk. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Hadley Belle Miller

Hadley Belle Miller provides the voice for Lucy, known around the neighborhood (and by her little brother, Linus) for being crabby, a boss, and humiliating Charlie Brown in the new Peanuts Movie. Hadley’s voiceover credits include Sofia the First and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Hadley has been involved in national and regional theater, including playing Michael Darling in the national tour of Cathy Rigby’s Peter Pan, Young Fiona in Shrek the Musical, Gretl in The Sound of Music, and Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. Hadley regularly performs in cabaret shows, including for Kritzerland Productions in Los Angeles and New York.
Official “The Peanuts Movie” Webpage:

Episode Listing:

Mary Nethery

New York Times, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author Mary Nethery’s latest endeavor, “Nabbed In New Orleans”, is her highly anticipated contemporary middle grade novel, set in post New Orleans Katrina. Nethery’s “Nabbed in New Orleans” is a work-in-progress coming of age adventure, dealing with hope and fear . . . and heroic animals and their heroic and fallible human friends. Aside from her many captivating, and child and parent favorite, picture books, Nethery collaborated with her dear friend Kirby Larson on Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship and Survival, recipient of the ASCPA’s Henry Burgh Book Award; and Nubs: The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine and a Miracle, recipient of the Christopher Medal and the National Parenting Publication Gold Award. Nethery is represented by Jane Putch of Eyebait Management and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico with her patient husband and brilliant cat. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mary Norris

Bio Mary Norris Mary Norris began her professional career as a foot checker—dutifully checking patrons’ toes for athlete’s foot as they entered a Cleveland city pool—before working at a costume company and driving a milk truck. Humble beginnings for a woman who would come to spend more than three decades as a copy editor (or “prose goddess”) at The New Yorker, where she’s worked with such celebrated writers as Philip Roth, Pauline Kael, and George Saunders. Norris’s love of language, and her wish to help “all of you who want to feel better about your grammar,” led her to write BETWEEN YOU & ME: Confessions of a Comma Queen. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mary O’Connor

After graduating from high school, Mary O’Connor moved from Massachusetts to Santa Barbara, California. She answered an ad for an open movie audition and snagged her first acting job in the feature film “The Bet.”. She then moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in films. In 2014, she suffered a rare spinal cord stroke while surfing resulting in being paralyzed from the waist down. She has not let this derail her from her dream of being a working actress and continues to make incredible progress in her recovery. She talks about her story to inspire others and to bring awareness to the disappointing lack of representation of disabled individuals in the film and television industries. Mary now walks with a cane and is studying acting with James Franco at his Studio 4 School in Los Angeles. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Brooks Olbrys

As a lifelong student of achievement philosophies, Brooks Olbrys was inspired by his young son to make these philosophies accessible to children in the storybook series, The Adventures of Blue Ocean Bob. A graduate of Stanford University, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, and the University of California at Berkeley School of Law, Brooks is the founder of Children’s Success Unlimited and a managing director at investment bank Ion Partners. He lives with his wife and son in New York City and greatly enjoys escapes to the North and South American coastlines. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Dr. Steve Omohundro

Dr.Steve Omohundro has been a scientist, professor, author, software architect, and entrepreneur doing research that explores the interface between mind and matter. He has degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Stanford and a Ph.D. in Physics from U.C. Berkeley. He was a computer science professor at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana and cofounded the Center for Complex Systems Research. He published the book “Geometric Perturbation Theory in Physics”, designed the programming languages StarLisp and Sather, wrote the 3D graphics system for Mathematica, and built systems which learn to read lips, control robots, and induce grammars. He is president of both Possibility Research and Self-Aware Systems, a think tank working to ensure that intelligent technologies have a positive impact. His work on positive intelligent technologies was featured in James Barrat’s book “Our Final Invention” and has generated international interest. He serves on the advisory boards of the Cryptocurrency Research Group, the Institute for Blockchain Studies, and Pebble Cryptocurrency. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Mary Pflum Peterson

Mary Pflum Peterson may have endured a difficult childhood, but she persevered and excelled. She was valedictorian of her high school class in Beaver Dam, WI, and graduated Summa cum Laude from Columbia University, where she broke into the competitive world of TV news. She is currently a multi-Emmy Award-winning producer at ABC’s Good Morning America, the nation's number one morning program, and lives in New York with her husband and four small children. Her memoir is White Dresses. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Chelsea Philpot

Chelsey Philpot, author of Even in Paradise, grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and now works as an editor and journalist. She's written for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Slate, and numerous other publications. Like her main character, Charlotte, Chelsey attended boarding school in New England. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler, originally from Caracas, Venezuela, is a graduate from the School of Visual Arts holding a master's degree in Branding. A few months ago, she quit her job as an Art Director to develop what started as a school project and turned into a life-changing experience. In 2015, Michelle decided to face all of her fears and record herself for her project 100 Days Without Fear. She planned to become a braver person by the end of the 100 days, what she didn’t plan was to inspire millions along the way. View Guest page

Episode Listing:

Sophie Reynolds

New Disney star, Sophie began performing at the age of three when her mom took her to dance classes. She shined on stage, and dance helped her combat shyness. Sophie’s training expanded to include ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop and tap. She began to compete when she was just eleven years old. At age fifteen, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue dance. Through dance, Sophie found that she loved to perform and decided to give acting a try, quickly falling in love with the artistic aspect of the craft. She looks forward to showing off her dancing skills in “Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything.” View Guest page

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Dylan Rouda

Dylan Rouda taught himself the drums at age six. By eight, he’d moved on to the guitar. At age 10, he wrote his first song. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, his voice wasn’t discovered until his first-ever musical theater audition for a citywide performance of Peter Pan drew the attention of the director who declared he had perfect pitch and cast him as John. Since then, Rouda has performed on stage and on television in numerous roles, but at heart, he’s a singer/songwriter. His single, “Polaroid Picture”, depicts the need to hang on to a relationship even after it ran its course. He lives in Laguna Beach, California, where surfing is his passion after music. View Guest page

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Geoffrey Saign

Geoffrey Saign can often be found looking for interesting critters, and magic, while swimming, snorkeling, sailing, or hiking in the woods. His passion for nature and wildlife inspired his middle grade/tween urban fantasy, WhipEye, Book 1 of the WhipEye Chronicles, and previously led to his nationally endorsed book, Green Essentials: What You Need to Know About the Environment, as well as his books African Cats and Great Apes. He has a degree in biology, assisted in field research with hummingbirds and humpback whales, and sailed as far away as Australia. With more than twenty years of experience working in special education, he has taught adults and children everything from sailing to self-awareness to novel writing. He won the 2015 International Book Award and Outstanding Children’s Fiction for WhipEye. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. View Guest page

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Olivia Sanabia

Olivia Sanabia is a breakout star on the brand new Amazon series “Just Add Magic.” Based on the childhood book “Just Add Magic” by Cindy Callaghan, the 12 year old young star portrays the lead role of a loving, heart of gold, and sweet baker named ‘Kelly’ who, with her two friends, discovers her grandmother’s cookbook. To their surprise, recipes like the Keep ‘Em Quiet Cobbler silences her little brother and the Hexberry Tart puts a curse on a mean girl. The series follows the adventures of ‘Kelly’ and her friends as they navigate the cookbook and learn the ins and outs of the magical recipes, friendship, and boys. Twitter: Instagram: View Guest page

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Lily Sandler

Chelsey Philpot, author of Even in Paradise, grew up on a farm in New Hampshire and now works as an editor and journalist. She's written for the New York Times, Boston Globe, Slate, and numerous other publications. Like her main character, Charlotte, Chelsey attended boarding school in New England. View Guest page

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Amy Scher

Amy B. Scher is an L.A-based author, energy therapist, and leading voice in mind-body-spirit healing. Amy uses energy therapy techniques to help those experiencing emotional or physical challenges to heal permanently and completely. After years of struggling with a life-threatening illness, she discovered answers to the important question: Why do some people heal from emotional and physical issues, while others don’t? After healing herself when doctors had given up all hope, Amy is now an internationally sought-after practitioner helping others achieve true healing. View Guest page

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Jessica Shepherd

Jessica Shepherd is a writer, astrologer and health coach who has studied and practiced modern astrology since 1992. She is the author of A Love Alchemist’s Notebook: Magical Secrets For Drawing Your True Love Into Your Life (Llewellyn, 2010), Karmic Dates and Momentary Mates: The Astrology of the Fifth House (Moonkissd Astrology, 2014) and Venus Signs: Discover Your Erotic Gifts & Secret Desires Through Astrology (Llewellyn, 2015). She publishes an astrology blog: and lives with her husband, stepdaughters, and pets in Fairfax, CA. View Guest page

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Yasmin Shiraz

Yasmin Shiraz is the author of more than eight books including Retaliation, a book which won an award from the American Library Association, Exclusive--the Amazon #1 Best Seller as well as the critically acclaimed Blueprint for My Girls series. She's also an award winning filmmaker of the girl fight awareness film, Can She Be Saved? as well as a producer of the Sources web series. She's CEO of Still Eye Rise Media, a publishing and production company. View Guest page

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Francine Silverman

Francine Silverman is an author and radio host who sharpened her writing skills as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer. Her latest book is Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited The book contains everything a potential guest needs to know before contacting a host, including the theme of the show and guest criteria. Besides several e-books, Fran also authored Book Marketing A-Z with a foreword by Cynthia Brian. Her publicity service has placed clients in major media outlets., View Guest page

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Paullina Simons

Paullina Simons is the author of the acclaimed novels Tully, Red Leaves, and Eleven Hours as well as the Bronze Horseman Trilogy. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, Russia, she graduated from The University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas, and has lived in Rome, London, and Dallas. She currently lives near New York City with her husband and most of her children. View Guest page

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Paul Sladkus

Broadcast veteran, Paul Sladkus, is involved with sharing the Good of the people of the world. He created for people to share their stories and events in their lives. He create the to help strengthen the message of the United Nations for the International Day of Peace on September 21. View Guest page

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Brooke Sorenson

Brooke Sorenson: Star of Modern Family Brooke Sorenson is a budding young actress and songstress who can be seen in today’s hottest shows for both kids and adults. The Charlotte, North Carolina, native is proving her talents as the daughter of a tacky family that moves in next door to the Dunphys on ABC’s “Modern Family” alongside Andrea Anders as her mom, as well as charming teen audiences with her roles on hit Nickelodeon and Disney series. She also has a passion for music, sharing original songs with the world. Her second single “3 Days” will be released accompanied by the music video! This is a follow up to her first single “No Ordinary Sky,” currently available on iTunes with music video on YouTube. YouTube: View Guest page

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Haley Tju

Haley Tju is a fresh face to the Nickelodeon network and currently can be seen on their brand new television series “Bella and the Bulldogs.” Haley got her start in acting at age four in a Pizza Hut commercial and hasn’t stopped since then. She has worked on numerous hit television series, such as “Hannah Montana,” “Desperate Housewives,” “The Suite Life on Deck,” “I’m in the Band,” “Mike & Molly,” “The New Normal,” “Jessie,” “The Thundermans,” and “See Dad Run.” She is also the voice of ‘Sqweep,’ a sassy and fun alien, on the Nickelodeon animated series “Monsters vs. Aliens,” inspired by the hit DreamWorks film. View Guest page

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Rachael Toor

Rachel Toor is the author On the Road to Find Out, a novel, and three books of nonfiction: Admissions Confidential: An Insider's Account of the Elite College Selection Process: The Pig and I; and Personal Record: A Love Affair with Running. She teaches creative writing at Eastern Washington University in Spokane and lives with her dog, Helen, a great runner (with an unfortunate habit of slaying squirrels and marmots). View Guest page

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Christy Whitman

Christy Whitman is a New York Times Bestselling Author, Creator of the Enlightened Kid Program, Life Coach, Transformational Leader, CEO and founder of Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Christy is also a nationally syndicated talk show host whose radio show – entitled The Art of Having It All – is broadcast on over twenty stations throughout the United States. She has appeared on The Today Show and The Morning Show, and her work has been featured in People Magazine, Seventeen, Woman’s Day, Hollywood Life, and Teen Vogue, among others. 

Christy has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their goals through her empowerment seminars, speeches, and coaching sessions and products. Her new book is The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance View Guest page

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Rachel Wilson

Rachel M. Wilson received her MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Don't Touch (HarperTeen) is her first novel. through her witty storytelling, the book educates readers about anxiety disorders, including OCD and encourages sufferers that all is not lost. Her eerie digital short, The Game of Boys and Monsters, is available from HarperTeen Impulse. Originally from Alabama, Rachel now writes, acts, and teaches in Chicago, Illinois. View Guest page

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Diana Zimmerman

Diana has been a performer, entrepreneur, and businesswoman since the age of eight when she invested all of her resources into a small magic trick. With a total capital outlay of 47 cents, she parlayed her investment into a spectacular 25-year stage and television career that earned her the title "World’s Foremost Lady Magician.” Diana’s transition from magical performer to the high-powered world of corporate business saw the creation of CMS Communications, Intl.,an award-winning Marketing Communications agency. Today, Diana is considered an expert on Brand Strategy, and her newest book, Why Most Branding Fails—What Stansilavky Knew, will be out in the Spring of 2015. She was recently invited to be a keynote speaker at Wharton School of Business’ Leadership Conference. Diana’s books include her award-winning series, “Kandide: the Secret of the Mists”, “Kandide: The Lady’s Revenge, and Kandide: The Flame is Fleeting. View Guest page

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Michelle Zink

Michelle Zink lives in New York in an old converted barn on four acres. Her first book, Prophecy of the Sisters, was one of Booklist’s Top Ten Debut novels, and her work as been included in the Lonestar List, Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best, and New York Public Library’s Stuff for the Teen Age. Michelle’s work has been published in over twenty countries. LIES I TOLD is her sixth book. View Guest page

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The Art of StoryTelling

June 19, 2012
Hosted by The Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Teen Team

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Episode Description

When Diane Ferlatte arrives on stage, you can’t help but be carried along with her charismatic style of telling that includes music, sign-language, movement, humor and song. She carries a stick and a treasure trove of stories, some with homespun wisdom, some with rhythm and rhyme, all with heart and life. Diane tells true-life personal & historical stories, as well as folktales, legends, myths, and fables. Besides passing on history & culture, Diane believes that storytelling helps to promote reading-readiness, visual imagery, imagination, and character/moral development. She has performed in virtually every state in the U.S. & has toured internationally many times. All of her recordings have won honors including awards from Parents’ Choice, American Library Association, National Parenting Publications, Storytelling World, iParenting Media, as well as a Grammy Nomination. Steven Zhou and Courtney Cheng host this storytelling hour.

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Express Yourself!

Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Kids Channel

Express Yourself! is an entertaining adolescent fusion program where passion, productivity, and possibility populate the airwaves. Produced by Starstyle Productions, LLC as an international outreach program of Be the Star You Are! charity, the radio program, Express Yourself! is a show for, by, and about teens. Hosted by teens and teenage field reporters from around the country, Express Yourself! is THE destination for teens to be heard. Within the walls of the young adult community, listeners are uplifted and encouraged to be the stars of your own life. Through collaboration and conversation, a global campus of young people express their views. Topics include anything that kids talk about-books, music, making a difference, technology, school, art, humor, writing, tough talks, health, sports, films, family, friends, foes, fashion, and fun. Come play in STAR country and Express Yourself!, Tuesdays at Noon Pacific on VoiceAmerica Kids.

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The Express Yourself! STAR On-Air Teen Team

Broadcasting since 2011, twenty-seven young people from around the United States have regularly shared their passions and interests as hosts and reporters on Express Yourself! These teens are not afraid of the tough topics and thrill at the opportunity of interviewing a variety of guests including authors, actors, Olympians, scientists, musicians, poets, and experts of varied disciplines. As volunteers with Be the Star You Are! 501 c3 charity ( the Express Yourself! teens are accomplished youth striving to make a difference on our planet and are dedicated to sharing ideas while having fun and giving a voice to the voiceless. Meet our STARS at

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