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The Potency Of Vulnerability

December 18, 2012
Hosted by Lisen Bengtsson, Marilyn Bradford, Anne Maxwell, Susanna Mittermaier, Jonas Svensson, Ricky Williams, and Tamara Younker

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Episode Description

What would be possible if you created your life from vulnerability? People constantly misidentify vulnerability as something that would hurt them. What if vulnerability is something totally different that opens up possibilities and actually allows you to receive more? What if it's your greatest strength? What if it´s actually vulnerability that creates more ease and joy in relationship?

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Access Consciousness Presents Crème de la Crème

Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Access Consciousness Presents Crème de la Crème

Many people spend their lives looking to have what their family members, colleagues and friends define as valuable. Do you? Are you tired of cutting yourself off so you can fit in? Is mediocrity enough for you, or have you always known you were really different? What if there are possibilities available to you far beyond what’s showing up for you now?

What is Crème de la Crème? It’s the greatness of living, the finer things in life. It’s living beyond what you know is possible with no limitation. And what else? What is it for you? What seduces you into being more of who you would like to be? Is it the sensualness of being truly present in the world? Elegance, fine art, great food? Brilliance? Fun? Playfulness? Enjoying your body?

What’s stopping you from being the Crème de la Crème? Listen every Tuesday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

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Lisen Bengtsson, Marilyn Bradford, Anne Maxwell, Susanna Mittermaier, Jonas Svensson, Ricky Williams, and Tamara Younker

Lisen Bengtsson, born in Sweden, traveled the world with her family as a child, experiencing a variety of languages and cultural heritages. Lisen’s multicultural background and fluency in five languages have given her a unique understanding of and connection with people all over the world.

Lisen has studied and been a practitioner of many alternative healing modalities, including communicative leadership, NLP, leadership trainings, meditation, and more. She has a talent and ability to read energies and work with bodies. Her years as an antique dealer gave Lisen a love of business, and she has coached people all over the world in creating and expanding their businesses.

In 2009, demanding more change and more financial growth, Lisen met Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness TM and within a few months she became a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. Using the tools and techniques of Access Consciousness in her everyday life created dynamic change for Lisen, and now she travels the world facilitating and empowering others to know that they know and that anything is possible to change!

As a Certified Access Facilitator, Lisen offers Access Consciousness core classes, private sessions, tele-classes and workshops in different languages and all over the world. Her speciality areas include relationships, business, money, conscious leadership and much more.

Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, MEd, CFMW, is an international speaker, psychotherapist and teacher who has worked in the field of addiction for over twenty years. She is the creator of Right Recovery For You, a radical and unique approach to ending any addictive or compulsive behavior. It was her own addictions to alcohol, food and the wrongness of self, and her unwillingness to accept addiction as a life sentence, that led her to creating this transformative and very different program.

Growing up in an academic family that stressed the supreme value of logic and the scientific method, Marilyn knew she didn’t fit. This was the beginning of the sense of fundamental wrongness of self that eventually led to escape through food, alcohol and other addictions.

After years of dealing with addiction, Marilyn entered a traditional treatment program. While it was helpful in quitting alcohol, the emphasis on powerless, wrongness, and the label of alcoholic became unacceptable to her.

Searching for alternatives, she discovered Access Consciousness(R). Here she found pragmatic tools and techniques that she could use to empower herself and others to move beyond the limiting belief systems that keep addiction alive. Seeing the vast improvement in her psychotherapy/addiction clients, she approached Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness, and together they founded Right Recovery For You.

Now she travels the world offering others a chance for true freedom from addiction.

Anne Maxwell, LCSW, RPT-S, is a child, play and family therapist, and an Access Consciousness TM facilitator.

Anne has worked in a variety of mental health settings, both inpatient and outpatient. She has over 20 years of experience with children of all ages and experiences, including the challenges of trauma, adoption, ADD, depression, anxiety and stress, to name but a few. She is certified to facilitate several types of parenting classes, including Beyond Consequences, Logic and Control, and Great Behavior Breakdown. In addition, she has been qualified by county courts as an expert mental health witness since 1991.

Combining the tools of Access Consciousness with her more traditional trainings, Anne empowers children, parents and others to create different possibilities and choices for themselves so that they can have greater ease and peace together. She brings humor and joy into her work and recognizes that laughter and play are instrumental when it comes to thriving. Known as the “Play Lady” by many of the children with whom she works, Anne empowers children and their families through play to know what they know and to have whatever change in their lives they would like to have.

What do people say about Anne? “We just love coming to see you because we all get what we need – I do, my husband does and the boys do, too - and things are so much better!” “I’m not leaving. Daddy I live here. You do too!”

Mag. Susanna Mittermaier is a licensed clinical psychologist, CFMW and Access Consciousness TM Facilitator who is creating a new paradigm for psychology and therapy, Pragmatic Psychology, using the revolutionary tools of Access Consciousness.

Susanna, born in Vienna, Austria, empowers people to know that they know, to be who they truly are and to the choice of a more joyful way of living. In addition to becoming a psychologist, Susanna also studied teaching, philosophy, linguistics and practiced other modalities. As a child Susanna looked at the world and wondered why people are so unhappy when living can be so much ease and joy. For a while she forgot her knowing and became depressed. She knew that had to change! It was time to step up, to be and to create what she was truly capable of! At that time, she came in contact with Access Consciousness, which changed everything.

Susanna describes psychology as helping you to adjust to this reality, and adding consciousness takes you out of the box to access more of you than you could imagine was possible!

Today Susanna travels the world facilitating sessions, workshops and Access Consciousness classes in various languages. She applies the Access Consciousness tools in psychiatry in Sweden and in her private practice facilitating remarkable change. What do people say? "You are the weirdest, most joyful psychologist I have ever met, I feel insanely sane, my world changed!

Jonas Svensson has always had the knowing that there must be a greater possibility in the world. Constantly walking around wondering “What else is possible?” and asking “How else can I develop myself?” led him to all kinds of different techniques and modalities. But it wasn’t until Access Consciousness TM came in to his life that everything started to change towards what he was looking for. With the Access tools and techniques everything started to change with speed and ease, with the result of a totally different reality showing up.

From having the right career, nice title, good salary, and awesome benefits he chose to give it all up and follow his knowing of what he wanted to create as his life. “It must be possible for life to be more fun than this” was the source for just jumping and starting to create something else. Constant change towards more fun, more expansion and more consciousness every day has been the reality ever since.

With his background in marketing and sales as category manager, project leader and sales person within different companies, Jonas has developed a broad competence and expertise around creating and generating business.

As a Certified Access Facilitator, Jonas offers Access Consciousness core classes, private sessions, tele-classes and workshops in many areas such as money, relationships, conscious leadership and much more.

Ricky Williams is an internationally known speaker, traveling the world to create different possibilities for children and adults. Drawing on his 17-year award winning athletic career as a college and professional football player in the USA and his studies of alternative healing modalities, including massage and teaching yoga, Ricky empowers individuals to know more is possible.

In 1999, Ricky created the Ricky Williams Foundation to empower kids by giving them the space and the support to be themselves in an environment that fosters choice and awareness. As Ricky says, “What makes the work we do with the kids different is that we don't look at these kids as being disadvantaged. We are about empowering them to see what else is possible for them, their classmates, their community and the world. We are not about "fixing" anything, and more about creating something different.”

Ricky works with people from all walks of life, teaching them the tools to embrace who they are and be willing to generate a future that they can look forward to creating and enjoying. A leader who is willing to out create controversy, Ricky is an invitation to people to not let anything get in their way.

As a Certified Access Consciousness TM Facilitator, Ricky offers classes, workshops, and private sessions worldwide.

Tamara Younker is an Access Consciousness TM Facilitator and speaker who travels around the globe inviting people to be the source of a different possibility in their lives, and in the world. She teaches people to discover their innate awareness that has always, already been available to them, empowering them to know that they know.

Following a 20 year career in business, Tamara chose to transition into being a full time professional coach and mentor specializing in personal empowerment. For more than a decade, she had already been working with private clients to create transformation in their lives through a variety of energetic healing techniques. When Tamara discovered Access Consciousness TM, she learned just how quickly applying the Access tools in her own daily living could create even greater dynamic and sustaining change than any other modality she had previously tried.

Now Tamara travels all over the world, facilitating Access Consciousness Core Classes and workshops. She has been privileged to facilitate hundreds of clients to become powerful and effective leaders in both their personal and professional lives. Her target is to be a contribution to a world of consciousness and oneness every day. Have you been asking for more, something greater? Are you ready to live beyond limits? What if all it takes is BEing more of YOU? Will you join her and be the difference our planet requires?

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