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August 2014

  • 8/15/2014: The Best of the Best: Building a Great Place to Work Listen Now
  • 8/8/2014: Special Encore Presentation: First, put on your oxygen mask . . . Listen Now
  • 8/1/2014: The Pros and Cons of a Competitive Workplace Listen Now

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Bruce Bolger

Bruce Bolger is managing director of the Enterprise Engagement Alliance at The EEA is an education and outreach organization focusing on strategies that help organizations achieve results through the proactive involvement of all of their customers, channel partners, employees, and vendors. Bolger is also president of Engagement Enterprises., an integrated media, marketing, and technology firm that specializes in the field of engagement. Bolger has nearly 25 years of management experience in business development and engagement. He was a founder of the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement, a not-for-profit research organization affiliated with Integrated Marketing Communications department in the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University that is dedicated to conducting research in the area of business motivation and engagement. Bolger was formerly editor and publisher of Incentive magazine, is author of two textbooks available on incentive program design, and has written and spoken extensively on business development, engagement, and motivation. View Guest page

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Bob Donegan

Bob Donegan, Founder and CEO of Classic Brands has spent his career leading and transforming corporations to reverse downward trends and achieve exceptional sales and profit growth. Under his leadership, Classic Brands has launched innovative products, which captured market share within 8 months. Bob is the consummate expert in brand, having both depth and breadth of experience, having a distinguished career as President of Tupperware-Canada, President & CEO of Colibri Holding Corporation and CEO of Navajo Manufacturing. View Guest page

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Gina Rae Hendrickson

Gina Rae Hendrickson provides leadership tools that bring out the genius in you and your team. With over 20 years of experience in negotiation and conflict management, Gina Rae has strengthened over 1,700 work teams as a Federal Mediator for the United States Postal Service, as a State of California Mediator, and for private industry from hi tech to health care. From boots to high heels, Gina Rae started out her career track as a lumberjack. Along with developing the muscles of a female Hercules and being the only woman working in a male world, Gina Rae developed negotiation skills for overcoming adversity and building a team that excelled at solving problems together. Clients who have used Gina Rae’s leadership tools have been able to turn negotiations into million dollar success stories. Hundreds of people have transformed the quality of their lives from overwhelmed and spread thin to energized by knowing the right thing to do at the right time to get the best results. She is a graduate of the Harvard Program on Negotiation. She is a nationally published author of the audio CD Why Nice Doesn’t Work and What You Can Do About It, and published a weekly column on managing conflict. Gina Rae has appeared on National Public Radio, CNN and various regional talk radio programs. View Guest page

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Steve King

Steve King is the Organizational Development Manager at St. Mary's Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin where he spends most of his time focused on leadership development and employee engagement.  Steve has an MA in Political Science from UW-Madison and a BA in Economics and International Studies from Portland State University.  Steve also serves on Madison’s City Council and is a past president of his local ASTD chapter. In his spare time, he wants to write and has pulled together content for a few book ideas in humor, spirituality and emotional intelligence.   View Guest page

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Deb Manning Ph.D

Since 2009, Deb Manning has served as Innovation and Research Specialist for Farm Credit Services of America. She started her career as a Professor of Psychology at the University of North Dakota and then joined The Gallup Organization in 1995 as a Research Consultant. She lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband and two sons. View Guest page

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Carol Ratcliffe Alm

As president of Carol Alm & Associates, Carol Alm helps for-profit and non-profit organizations turn opportunities into results through comprehensive and creative business strategy and strategic talent development processes. Transforming organizations and individuals based upon maximizing strengths and managing limitations is the mission of the practice. Excellence, not average, is the measure. As a “business strategist”, Carol leads individuals; management teams and boards who want to move outside of the box built and create a larger scope for their organizations. Her specialty is corporate, association and not for profit growth, and development. The consulting practice energizes, creates and transforms clients through strategic planning, instruction, meeting and issue facilitation, and customer value and experience designed to increase profitability. Clients say “we couldn’t have done it without you”. As a talent development consultant, she is highly regarded for her personal coaching, executive coaching, mentoring, team development and leadership work. Building on strengths, she successfully takes clients to their next level both professionally and personally. Clients say “my life is different as the result of knowing Carol”. Clients include, among others, The Coca Cola Company, Purina Mills, Wells Fargo, Catholic Healthcare Initiatives, the Bureau of Land Management, University of Colorado, Jeppesen Aviation (a Boeing Company), Johns Manville (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), National Sports Center for the Disabled and a variety of businesses, associations and not for profits. A popular speaker and published writer, Alm also maintains a calendar of workshops, seminars and speaking engagements. She has been honored nationally and within Colorado for her work. Alm has served as Associate Dean at the Daniels College of Business at University of Denver, Senior Vice President for Client Services with the Gallup Organization and CEO for nonprofits. She holds a Bachelor of Science, summa cum laude, from Purdue University and a Master of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She lives in Parker, Colorado. View Guest page

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Adam Roth

Adam Roth is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Roth Staffing Companies, L.P. He manages the day-to-day operations of the corporation including specialty staffing divisions of Roth Staffing Companies, which are Ultimate Staffing Services, Ledgent, Adams and Martin Group and Ledgent Technology and Engineering. Adam orchestrates initiatives that fulfill the strategic vision and goals for the company. Adam joined Roth Staffing after earning his B.S. from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. He established the Adams and Martin Group legal staffing division and managed the division as President for four years. Roth Staffing Companies is recognized as a creative industry leader and has won numerous awards for employee engagement and customer service, including Inavero’s Best of Staffing and Staffing Industry Analysts’ Best Staffing Firms to Work For. View Guest page

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Anil Saxena

Anil Saxena helps companies exceed their goals by providing innovative and practical solutions to implement major change initiatives. He has hands-on, proven experience in successfully executing global systems implementations, new program roll-outs, and change due to mergers/acquisitions. Anil focuses on developing and leading high impact initiatives that utilize a variety of methods focusing on the creation of successful work environments. He has consulted with both internal and external clients in a variety of industries, including learning and organizational development, energy, pharmaceutical, medical, and financial services. Formally, a managing consultant with the Gallup Organization, Anil has created and led change management initiatives for over 17 years. He is an inaugural member of Northwestern University’s Learning and Organizational Change program, and he earned his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. View Guest page

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Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson, along with her partner Cali Ressler, is the Founder of CultureRx and co-creator of the Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE). Her first book, Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It, was named “The Year’s Best Book on Work-Life Balance” by Business Week. Her second book, Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It is the field guide for how to manage work in the 21st century. She has been featured on the covers of BusinessWeek, Workforce Management Magazine, HR Magazine, Hybrid Mom Magazine, and HR Executive Magazine as well as in the New York Times, TIME Magazine, USA Today, and on Good Morning America, CNBC, MSNBC and CNN. Jody is also a nationally recognized keynote speaker and has presented to numerous Fortune 500 companies and prominent trade associations. Jody and her partner Cali created ROWE based on the belief that the traditional model of how we approach work is fundamentally broken. They believe that twentieth century management strategies are not the answer for managing a workforce that’s tackling today’s complex business challenges. The training they’ve developed is employed globally and is increasing productivity levels, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and retention in organizations. View Guest page

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Geoff Willcox

Geoff Willcox Director of Operations Geoff brings a wealth of experience, yet a keen freshness to the operations side of projects. With unmatched attention to detail he brings accuracy and relevance to the forefront. Geoff has client engagement experience in financial services with Wells Fargo, where he led in both sales and service.  He is a natural at opening new business partnerships and developing relationships.  For Geoff, the focus is all about being a “trusted adviser” to the people he serves. In addition, Geoff brings a distinguished track record in insurance, having worked with one of the most revered names in the business.    He brought a special insight and talent set to client development; the epitome of customer focus, Geoff connects business savvy with excellence in service. Asking him about his passions will always include a discussion of the workplace culture and the importance of “getting it right” for people. To know Geoff is to know that his passions include basketball (6’8”).  He attended both Fort Lewis College (on a full-ride scholarship for basketball) and then transferred to Colorado State University.   His basketball career ended with knee injuries but he still finds the time and the joy in coaching kids and playing in an occasional pickup game. Geoff has his B.S. in business from the University of Colorado.  His emphasis is in marketing and communications with a special interest in engagement and culture as they relate to employee retention and productivity. Geoff is married to Katie and they live in Highlands Ranch, CO, where we are happy to say that their ties to The Coffman Organization are both personal and professional! View Guest page

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The Best of the Best: Building a Great Place to Work

August 15, 2014
Hosted by Curt Coffman and Dr. Kathie Sorensen

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Episode Description

Join us on A Great Place to Work this week as we revisit the best of our shows over the past three years to highlight what each of us can do to build the kind of workplace that ignites our passion and delights our customers.

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A Great Place to Work

Archives Available on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

A person’s work and connection to their workplace is a core component of their life satisfaction and self-worth. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work and these experiences either add value or drain energy from our lives and our families. Our program is for everyone who works, leads, manages or volunteers and is looking to get more joy and success from their work life. We’ll focus on real people and their stories across the various roles they play from leaders, managers, sales professionals and team members. How do the most successful people forge the personal and professional connections that make work both fun and engaging for themselves and their team members? Our mission is to help you take ownership in shaping the culture you care about from work, to home, to community.

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Curt Coffman and Dr. Kathie Sorensen

Co-Hosts Curt Coffman and Dr. Kathie Sorensen are founding partners of The Coffman Organization, Inc. and co-authors of the soon to be released Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch: The Secret to Extraordinary Performance.

Curt Coffman, MBA, is a New York Times Bestselling Author, researcher, business scientist, and consultant to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations. He co-authored one of the best-selling management books of all time, First Break All the Rules, What the World’s Greatest Managers do Differently and Follow this Path; How the World’s Greatest Organizations Drive Growth by Unleashing Human Potential.

Dr. Kathie Sorensen’s expertise and passion lies in the development of human talent. A former global practice leader for talent selection and development at the Gallup Organization, she has personally studied thousands of top performers across industries and roles. Her leadership and management development work has touched the lives of individuals, managers and leaders, helping people in all roles build a better place to work.

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