How To Defeat the Globalist Elites & Survive with Liberty Intact!

June 21, 2022
Hosted by Dr. Carole Lieberman

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If you think there's a secret plan afoot by some in power, hiding in darkness to manipulate society in order to steal riches and create a subservient population... you are right! Call them the Globalist Elites, the World Economic Forum, or simply Evildoers... today's guest is fighting the good fight against them and wants to help you do it, too. Today's guest, Brandon Smith, is the Founder of Alt-Market. The Alternative Market Project is how Brandon educates the public on facts, evidence and philosophies that the mainstream establishment refuses to discuss in an honest way. But beyond that, Brandon’s Alt-Market focuses on SOLUTIONS, not just threat analysis. His Newsletter, The Wild Bunch Dispatch, covers concepts and tactics for defeating globalism which is advancing quickly - from controlling your money to controlling your children. He states, "The Wild Bunch is a place to explore subjects and solutions to centralized tyranny which are rarely if ever covered by the rest of the alternative media." For example, Brandon writes about: "What is the bare minimum you would need to defend yourself against armed aggressors trying to take your supplies or invade your neighborhood or town? What specific gear do you HAVE TO have in order to survive and how long will that gear last you?" Brandon writes, "Consider this frightening prospect for a moment – Globalists control central banks and money creation, therefore they have almost infinite funding at their disposal. They have puppet politicians in every major government on the planet. They have tentacles in every facet of the mainstream media and are seeking ways to undermine the alternative media today. And, they have dozens of think tank institutions which are constantly war-gaming faster and better ways of hijacking even more power and eroding your individual rights until there is nothing left." Brandon writes, "Crushing rebellions and insurgencies is a bit of an obsession for globalist think tanks. From DARPA to RAND Corporation and the Council On Foreign Relations, billions of dollars and thousands of man hours have been spent seeking out more effective ways to stop the citizenry from acting independently from government or the central bank controlled economy. The bulk of the strategies that these think tanks develop depend on the use of national emergency measures, or martial law measure in the event of a real or fabricated disaster." And so much more....

Dr. Carole's Couch

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Everyday we are bombarded with stories in our newspapers, on television and on the radio that make it seem as though society is spiraling out of control. But just when everything in the world seems insane, Dr. Carole Lieberman creates a sanctuary for sanity. Call or log in to get help making sense of these turbulent times or just for advice from a soothing voice. “Dr. Carole’s Couch” broadcasts each Tuesday at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica Channel.

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Dr. Carole Lieberman

Dr. Carole Lieberman

Dr. Carole Lieberman is the psychiatrist the world trusts for help coping with today's times. She is also the preeminent authority on the psychology of show biz and the psychological influence of media. A multiple Emmy award-winner, Dr. Lieberman has spent over a decade analyzing the psychological impact of world events, as a guest and host on all major media outlets. She has appeared on "Oprah", CNN, “Entertainment Tonight, “Good Morning America”, "The Today Show", “The O’Reilly Factor”, Court TV, the BBC, and numerous other high profile shows. Her work has garnered numerous awards, including those from the Writers Guild of America, City of Los Angeles and the Film Advisory Board. Dr. Carole's latest book, Coping with Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted, a psychological survival guide, has recently been released. She maintains a star-studded practice in Beverly Hills and is listed in numerous Who’s Who directories.

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