Encore: Sales Tips With The Sales Whisperer

October 19, 2016
Hosted by Jacki McLenaghan

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Don't love sales? Well it is a big part of running a successful business (not to be obvious) but many people dread this part and miss many opportunities. Today's episode features international coach, author and speaker Wes Shaeffer who is THE Sales Wisperer. He is going to give ninja tips to get you over your sales and marketing hurdles.

Extreme Exposure: The Power of Personality Marketing

Extreme Exposure: The Power of Personality Marketing

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There are many small business owners out there who are struggling with their marketing. They spend countless hours and unnecessary dollars on marketing that is not getting them anywhere. They look to other successful business owners, authors or speakers and they try to emulate what those people are doing. What is missing is the creativeness and uniqueness of your own personality infused into your marketing materials. Our show will include tips, tools and techniques to help you stand out from the crowd and have a far bigger impact in your industry. We will discuss how to create great and unique content, and how you can amplify your message.

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Jacki McLenaghan

Jacki McLenaghan

Jacki McLenaghan is the founder of a company promotions company called Pure Potentials. As a small business owner for over twenty years, Jacki has learned a great deal of what it takes to get your message out there, gain new clients and fill event rooms. As a former theater producer and trade show organizer this skill has become something that she enjoys teaching other small business owners to excel at. Jacki is also a “techy geek” with a flair for imaginative video making. This is a very underutilized skill by most business owners and Jacki’s company also specializes in helping others get their videos created, leveraged and maximized.

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October 2016

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Cody Barlow

Currently working as an employee at Infusionsoft as well as co-founder of Black Bugle Marketing which is in its beginning stages. I specialize in social media advertising, especially Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising. I have been consulting small businesses for 8+ years in social media advertising and sales generation. In a sentence, what I do is help you get more customers that give you more revenue for a longer period of time. If you would like to chat, please reach out on Facebook:
https://www.facebook.com/Black-Bugle-Marketing-Services-1006825722739521/. Guest Cody Barlow

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Jorge Lazaro Diaz, President and Founder

The LJIM team combines Jorge Lazaro Diaz's (his friends call him George) mastery of Infusionsoft, expertise building online marketing solutions and 20+ year experience in software development with the talent of a highly motivated team of Infusionsoft experts and web developers. What Jorge add so the team is of his:
Purdue Master’s Degree in Computer Science thinking, knowledge of software development best practices and unique ability to apply technical and project management principles when building marketing automation solutions. Jorge and the team's focus is always on building results-driven solutions on predictable timelines that can be measured precisely (think split A/B split testing) so they can be improved upon methodically over time. Guest Jorge Lazaro Diaz, President and Founder

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Jay Fiset

Best selling author, student of human nature, avid outdoorsman at 5 star hotels, speaks fluent smart ass, can see and reflect your life mission in 5 minutes flat, loves having 2 sons so he can play with their toys, still fantasizes about his wife after 25 years, loves ideas, but loves results even more, can simultaneously laugh and cry for different reasons at the same time, has never been star struck (but did not get a chance to meet Martin Luther King, and there would have been teenage girl screaming if I had).
I am dedicated to instigating a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts. Guest Jay Fiset

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Ian Garlic

Ian Garlic hosts the award winning "The Tao of Inbound" marketing mindset podcast, and leads the video storytelling agency, authenticWEB as CEO. Ian has produced over 2000 videos and interviewed over 500 top entrepreneurs.
Ian has written best selling books on Video and Search Engine Optimization.
In his spare time, he tries to figure out how to have spare time. Guest Ian Garlic

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Megan Harrison

Megan helps successful entrepreneurs scale their business by transforming their expertise into highly profitable online courses. She does this by coaching her clients through the course content creation process and implementing Infusionsoft, an all-in-one sales, marketing and e-Commerce platform, which allows them to create a highly effective launch strategy and automate the processes involved. Guest Megan Harrison

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Kim Hayden

>br> T.V personality Kim Hayden is an absolute expert in creating content that gets noticed. She has produced, directed and stared in many different T.V production and she certainly knows how to bring her own unique personality and flare into everything that she does. Guest Kim Hayden

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Eileen Head

Eileen Head is a Personality & Relationship Expert, International Bestselling Author, Coach, Speaker, and Workshop facilitator. Through her coaching and workshops, she supports people to "figure themselves out". Then she empowers them through powerful tools such as the Enneagram Personalities to find their Relationship Answers. Eileen is passionate about assisting others to find their relationship answers through recognizing the behaviors and patterns of the personalities. You will discover your natural talents, gifts and value, how to get your fundamental personality needs met and your relationship loving style. This information is crucial when dating and attracting a mate that will be compatible with you. When you specifically know how you feel loved and appreciated...and what you need...you can then communicate it, empower yourself to heal the past and find the path to your purpose and passion. Guest Eileen Head

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Michael Hunter

I currently help experts, authors, speakers and coaches establish their personal brand, develop a sound online marketing strategy, and execute successful product launches.
In 2014, I was the Content & Social Marketing Manager at Infusionsoft where I made data-driven decisions for content creation, optimization, and promotion. I also oversaw all of Infusionsoft's social media marketing initiatives and created social marketing strategies to compliment and amplify our content marketing strategy.
In 2013, I created CodingOptional.com, an online WordPress training platform for entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, experts and small businesses. CodingOptional.com helps small businesses & entrepreneurs create great looking WordPress websites, fast.
In 2010, I founded a digital marketing and consulting company, Entourage Marketing. One of our many successes was conducting the creative marketing strategy and implementation for the very first Soundwave Music Festival in Tempe, AZ in 2011. Guest Michael Hunter

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Kirstey Jane

With 12 years experience in London Uk working with highly branded companies in the retail and service sector such as Pret a Manger, Cafe Nero and TGI Fridays creating and implementing learning cultures, training and development systems, recruitment strategies and providing high level leadership coaching and mentoring support. Have been a professional photographer for 26 years in fashion and corporate along side that and now also work as a part time hair stylist and people development director for one of Calgary's top hair Salon and Spas. In my younger years have also worked as an insurance salesperson, a tv audience warm up artist , a travel agent, a movie extra and a pub quiz gameshow host! Guest Kirstey Jane

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Christina Kehoe

Christina is a community engagement practitioner and currently manages Partner Communications at Infusionsoft. Previously, Christina helped hundreds of small businesses develop and execute marketing automation strategies in her role as a Consultant at Infusionsoft. She is an all-around tech nerd, a hockey fan in the desert (go Coyotes!), and relentless optimist. Guest Christina Kehoe

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Misty Kortes

Misty Kortes is a passionate entrepreneur and business owner who has empowered many small businesses to succeed when it comes to marketing their business. With her formal education in Marketing, over two decades of speaking and training, and more importantly her real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, Misty knew she had to share her insider secrets to success with other small business owners. Compelled by a strong desire to share her expert experience and knowledge, Misty created two businesses “Your Marketing Coach” an educational firm that teaches entrepreneurs how to Bootstrap their way to success....and "Pug Shop Design" a unique service company that provides entrepreneurs and agencies the graphics they need to take their brand from "PUGly" to "PUGtastic"! Guest Misty Kortes

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Lynne Krewiak

Lynne has owned a successful Medical Transcription business for over 25 years. She is also a talented artist who has taken her love of the creative process and is now blending her entrepreneurship with her creativity to help others express themselves through art. Guest Lynne Krewiak

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Maximillian Krewiak

Having graduated from the highly acclaimed Vancouver Film School, Maximillian is a talented artist, editor and film maker. Guest Maximillian Krewiak

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Sarah Laws

Sarah Laws is an entrepreneur, business consultant, and marketing nerd whose passion is helping businesses grow with sales and marketing automation. Sarah's expertise is helping others look critically at their business from new perspectives and identify missing gaps or systems. Whether working with start-ups to multi-million dollar companies, her core values remains the same: have fun, live passionately, and share strategies to help business owners implement systems for thriving success. Guest Sarah Laws

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Randall Libero

Randall Libero is a producer and online media authority with more than 25 years of professional experience across three major media industries. He has a combined media background in creative and technical film and TV production for network and independent television, broadcast news journalism, and Internet Radio & TV. His career began as a cameraman, editor, and producer of TV pilots, documentaries, TV talk shows and commercials in Los Angeles during the 1980s. In the 1990s, he created the first online media research facility and historical news archive for the U.S. State Department’s International Bureau of Broadcasting and WorldNet TV. His innovation earned him a major and prestigious agency award nomination for his efforts. Guest Randall Libero

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Micah Mitchel

Micah is the Co-Founder of the software company, Memberium. Memberium helps you create an automated membership site with Infusionsoft, it’s easy to use and super-powerful. Ryan Deiss, Jeff Walker, Loral Langemeier, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, and many others use it to create amazing, interactive membership sites and you can too! Guest Micah Mitchel

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Jennifer Neal

Crazy Formula 1 racing fan that turned a creative spark into a successful business helping to move other Entrepreneurs forward.
I grew up playing with hot wheel cars and erector sets – I loved discovering how things work and now I have done the same with businesses. I speak fluent geek and understand the translation between what you want for your business and what you need in systems and tools to get you there.
I am dedicated to help businesses stop “spinning out” from lack of decision or fear of implementing that new technology piece. I find the red flags in your business and turn them into checkered flags. Guest Jennifer Neal

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Wes Schaeffer

Wes Schaeffer is the ruthlessly pragmatic entrepreneur, creator and owner of The Sales Whisperer®, an inbound marketing, sales training and consulting firm, who believes that marketing is just selling in print. Wes combines Southern common sense with military academy precision to help salespeople, sales managers, business owners and entrepreneurs achieve nearly miraculous growth. Since 2013 he has deftly hosted The Sales Podcast and is the the author of two books, "The Definitive Guide To Infusionsoft" and "It Takes More Than a Big Smile, a Good Idea & a Twitter Account To Build a Business That Lasts.” He and his wife have called Southern California home since 2004, and since they have 7 children, he may never escape. Guest Wes Schaeffer

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Rick Titan

Rick Titan is a former World Champion in wrestling and has dedicated his life to the betterment of others in mind, body, intellect, emotion and spirit through one on one coaching.
His journey is to help people live in their highest self or as he coins the phrase "Power­Self". His scope of experience and knowledge encompass 15 yrs of the philosophies of the Asias & Guided Meditation, with four of those years trained by a Tibetan Buddhist Monk.
This, tempered with many ups and downs and life experiences, makes Rick a seasoned Coach to find your new path with.

Come see Rick if you want to:
a) Get self­ motivation. Learn strategies to "Fire Up!"
b) De­-stress long­-term.
c) 'Let go' of the past. Guest Rick Titan

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