Finding Your Podcast Frequency with Margo Lovett

May 29, 2020
Hosted by Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure

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Host Ryan Treasure and guest Margo Lovett discuss Margo’s journey from leaving corporate and transferring into internet radio. Margo Lovett is the creator of the popular podcast, Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation. In October 2017, she published a book called “Her Business Her Voice Her Reinvention making herself a Best-Selling author. When Margo first started her career, she went in to corporate and finally after 26 years of employment she decided to follow her dreams and go into internet radio. This is when she created the podcast, “Her Business Her Voice Her Conversation.” The show became very successful within a small amount of time. Within 2 years it was on the Vercay Network and had well over one million downloads. By this time, she was at the age of 61. Some of her other successes include appearing on Marketing Insiders, Influential Leaders in Marketing, and The Huffington Post. She also took the place as Vercay Magazines cover page a couple of times throughout her career. Her most recent accomplishment was launching the Podcast Academy Online where people will be taught about podcasting from the inside out.

Finding Your Frequency

Finding Your Frequency

Live Shows Friday at Noon Pacific Time with Minisodes on Mondays and Wednesdays

“Finding Your Frequency” is about more than just content and code. It is more than just philosophy and polishing your image. It’s about both failure and success, the difference between the two and all of the steps in between! Jeff and Ryan discuss the digital media space and all of its aspects. It’s about making the mistakes, taking the chances summoning the intestinal fortitude to step out of your comfort zone and discovering what you can accomplish when you decide to try, decide to learn, decide that you have something to say and Find Your Frequency! It’s live every Friday at 12 Noon Pacific Time and 3 PM Eastern Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure

Jeff Spenard and Ryan Treasure

Jeff Spenard has over 20 plus years of broadcast media experience and is currently the owner of World Talk Radio, LLC, home to the VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Networks. Mr.Spenard is the former President of Modavox's Internet Radio division and also served on the Board of Directors. Jeff has worked with over a thousand industry professionals to help them establish a foothold within the media community. In 1994 he acted as the director of development, managing sales as an Executive Producer for a 50,000 watt independent talk station in New England. Over the course of three years, while building and strengthening a consistent format, the independent talk station expanded and purchased an additional 50,000 watt station in Phoenix, AZ. Mr. Spenard provided instrumental leadership and guidance for the independent talk station's growth and transformation. Following several years of development and syndicating programs, He realized the opportunity to navigate his experience towards Internet Based Radio and became one of the leading minds in the industry. Starting in early November 1999 Mr. Spenard visualized a format which ultimately became VoiceAmerica, a key member and one of the original "co-founders" of the Internet Talk Radio Network. In time Mr. Spenard rose to the level of Network Director, Vice President, President and now CEO of World Talk Radio, LLC. Jeff has worked to develop over 1000 radio programs and has expanded his business into Internet TV and other multimedia divisions. As a leader in the field, Internet TV has become a major focus, and with the addition of Broadway and Hollywood, just two of many projects to come, Gateway Media Group LLC, which is the video production company and runs www.VoiceAmerica.TV, also owned by Mr. Spenard, will be another strength in the multi-media industry and adds a new dimension to the overall growth.

Ryan has been in the Audio/Video Production field for over 20 years. He started out in terrestrial radio in the late 90's but quickly moved into "New Media". Ryan is a thought leader in the Digital Media space and has been with since 2004 Managing Internet broadcasting, web services, and radio operations. Ryan has been in many facets of the industry, including audio and video post-production editing, live audio production, and interactive web content delivery. "I love what I do, and Love technology. I am dedicated to making production operations and digital delivery a class act.

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