Gratitude, Certainty, and the Secret to Joy–with Patrick Laing

December 1, 2023
Hosted by Patrick Laing

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Earlier this year, on June 30th to be exact, my scheduled guest had last minute technical difficulties and was unable to log onto Zoom to join me for the show. Wth literally zero notice, or time to prepare, I ended up having to do a last minute one-person monologue, off the cuff (and from the heart). I spoke on how we can FIND, yes, even CREATE, more Certainty in our lives, even in the midst of today's looming UNcertainty ... (i.e., fears, rising costs, worries, and "wars and rumors of war," as it were). I enjoyed the chance to speak from the heart a great deal. So much so, in fact, I thought I’d try it again and do another monologue this time around. If Rush Limbaugh could speak for two or three hours at a time without any guests (and not even a script it seemed) and do as masterful a job as he did, I know it can be done. I’m no Rush, but I do have a few thoughts I’d like to share and do feel they can benefit you in your own life and business as well. With Thanksgiving this last week and the Holiday season upon us, I thought I'd share seven (7) things for which I am grateful along with the 7 lessons they’ve taught me and the remarkable ways in which they’ve blessed my life (and can bless yours too). These 7 lessons are the part I think you’ll enjoy and benefit from most if you take the time to listen in. With 38+ years of experience in finance, sales, business, and leadership; as an entrepreneur at heart, a former athlete, an outdoorsman, and the owner of 3 different companies; as a husband, father of 5, speaker, 3 x author (our last 2 books on leadership are both international best sellers), and more, I can fill up 60 minutes pretty easily, I think, and I believe you’ll enjoy the insights if you’ll join me for the ride. Many refer to my show as a "walk down memory lane." It's a pretty good description. Call this episode a “walk down my own.” I look forward to the journey together. If you'd like to learn more about Finding Certainty, yours truly, our veteran owned consulting firm, Certainty Management, or our global technology firm, Certainty Global, please go to, text the word Certainty to 26786, or call us at (888) 684-3122. I wish you the best. Thanks for being a fan if you are or thanks for just stopping by if you have. I appreciate your patronage and support very much.

Finding Certainty

Fridays at 9 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

Create more certainty in your life and business with Finding Certainty's unique blend of insights, ideas, and special guests. Many of our small businesses and nonprofits need our help. They have missions that matter but struggle to bring them to pass. FINDING CERTAINTY offers a unique blend of insights, approaches, and special guests that can help. U.S. Army veteran and show host, Patrick Laing, brings his 30+ years of business experience to VoiceAmerica Business to explore the topic of CERTAINTY in our lives. Examples: Are you a business owner, 1099 contractor, part-time employee, or volunteer who needs group health coverage you can actually afford? Do you know a nonprofit who would benefit from unlimited zero-cost funding? How about cost reduction, school safety, mental health wellness, and more? All these and more are fair game on FINDING CERTAINTY. If you want more Certainty in your own life, you are not alone. Join us each Friday at 9 am Pacific, 12 pm Eastern. Find your own brand of Certainty and realize your personal American Dream with FINDING CERTAINTY. Let's unwrap The Certainty Experience together. Text the word Certainty to 26786 to learn more.

Patrick Laing

Founder and managing partner of Certainty Management, a Nevada based cost-reduction firm that helps raise zero-cost funding for U.S. nonprofits, Patrick Laing has 30+ years of business experience. A former Dale Carnegie instructor, his sales teams have achieved national recognition. One example: Patrick helped LeafGuard NW raise sales from $3.5MM to $20MM annually in just 3 years. They became # 1 in the country out of 65 offices. Promoted to National Trainer, he traveled nationwide, raising close rates 2-3 x at multiple offices. A U.S. Army veteran, Patrick worked in counter intelligence, held a Top-Secret clearance, and also served as a linguist in Italian. A graduate of BYU-Provo, Patrick served a two-year service mission for his church in Italy (‘89-90). While working for Delta Airlines, he received their top award, The Customer Service Citation. In addition to hosting Finding Certainty, Patrick is a contributing author to the Mission Matters series, a collection of lessons from CEOs whose companies are making a difference. Married to Tessha Laing, they live in Las Vegas and are proud dad and step-mom to 4 scholarship winners: in tumbling (U. of Oregon), diving (Cal State-Bakersfield), and academics x 2 (U. of OR & Wellesley College). Their youngest son, Evan, is a sponsored mountain bike racer. Patrick enjoys fly fishing, traveling, and time with his family. His proudest achievement, other than dad and husband, is the free nonprofit fundraising help his company provides.

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