Audience participation: Questions about Trauma

June 5, 2018
Hosted by Ezreena Rose Scott

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Audience can call in and email questions they would like to be answered on the show: - Bullying - Repeated health concerns - How to remove triggers of trauma - How does long-ago trauma affect current physical issues? - How does previous trauma show up in intimate relationships? - What beliefs have you adopted to be true... that are keeping you stuck? - How do you support someone who has been traumatized? - How do you help adopted children address previously unknown trauma?


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TraumaTalk is an opportunity for people to learn more about trauma. The series will describe what trauma is, causes and symptoms, how it shows up and affects the way we function. The signs of trauma are evidenced mentally, emotionally, physically and behaviourally.

This show will review effective methods for processing and resolving trauma that go beyond management and adaption. We will hear from other professionals, who will describe how they see trauma show up in the body and how their methods can help in the healing process. Several clients will share their stories of trauma and how they overcame their experiences.

These episodes will encourage and assist you in performing a mental assessment of any trauma you may have experienced, and to bring a deeper understanding of why you function the way you do. Rather than survive trauma, what would it take for you to thrive beyond it? There is help, there is hope and there is healing.

Ezreena Rose Scott

Ezreena is a psychotherapist whom runs a private practice in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Before this, while getting her degree from University of Ottawa, Ezreena worked for the Military Police at National Defence Headquarters and various other departments in the federal government thereafter.

Her insatiable curiosity about human behaviour, especially within different populations, led her to becoming a psychotherapist. This career path has provided a continual view and expanding insights into human nature. What she has discovered, at the root of people’s issues, is often unprocessed trauma! Ezreena takes a different approach to helping people. Rather than teaching her clients how to manage, she helps them process the trauma in order to clear the symptoms. Events in childhood shape how we develop, and when left unresolved, can impact us in adulthood: cognitively, emotionally, somatically, behaviourally and energetically.

Trauma has a huge impact on people, often unbeknownst to them. When resolved, the results can be phenomenal!

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