Encore: Breastfeeding Advice Moms Need

October 1, 2018
Hosted by Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC

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Most of the advice you’ll hear from friends and family during your baby’s early days will fall into the category of “same old, same old.” Join Marie as she goes beyond the usual topics with Tipper Gallagher (www.theboobgeek.com). Listen for discussion about info mothers want to hear, need to hear, don’t hear (but need to), and don’t want to hear. Learn strategies for finding a breastfeeding supportive health care provider, parenting through the tough spots, deciding about galactagogues, and figuring out strategies to sustain breastfeeding when going back to work. If you have comments or questions, e-mail info@borntobebreastfed.com any time.

Born to be Breastfed

Born to be Breastfed

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Every new mother hears that breast is best. Many decide to breastfeed so their baby has the best. But soon after birth, the days are often fraught with sleep deprivation and conflicting messages from peers, family members, and health care professionals. Later, negative messages from the media and critical comments from family members and others may trigger mothers to question their decision. Feelings of inadequacy, intimidation and societal pressure to wean can cause mothers to give up breastfeeding before meeting their goals.

The aim of this show is to empower parents to overcome the barriers that keep them from beginning or continuing to breastfeed. Through discussion of hospital practices, milk supply, medications, returning to work, milk storage options, and more, this show will provide an informed and supportive voice for new families and established families, so that they can take charge of their breastfeeding experience from conception through weaning.

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Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC

Marie Biancuzzo, RN MS IBCLC

Marie Biancuzzo started helping mothers, babies and families to succeed at breastfeeding more than thirty years ago. Fondly remembered for decades by mothers, she earned their trust by helping them to cut through the misinformation, bust the myths, and believe in themselves. Among her peers, Marie has received international recognition as a clinical expert, book author, and national-level change agent. She was a founding member of the United States Breastfeeding Committee, the past president of Baby-Friendly USA, and the founding editor of Nursing for Women's Health.

Marie has both depth and breadth of expertise from having worked in community and teaching hospitals, with mothers and health care providers, in nearly all subspecialties of maternal infant health. From the mother’s hospital bedside to the university classroom, Marie has honed her skills at helping people be good consumers of health care information.

A native of the Rochester, New York area, Marie now resides in the Washington DC area but crisscrosses the country as Director of Breastfeeding Outlook, the education company she founded in 1998. Through her courses and seminars, Marie works to help nurses and other professionals learn how to help families with breastfeeding and related perinatal topics. Recognized for her warmth and personable teaching style, Marie continues to provide direct assistance to mothers, as well.

Marie writes weekly for her blog, The Gold Standard Line.

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