Celtic Shamanism, Shamanic drumming and Theta Brain State

March 28, 2019
Hosted by Myrrh de Marmion

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In this Spot Light On Asheville episode of Journeys Into the Heart of Vibration, we explore Celtic Shamanism and drumming in shamanic journeys. We welcome Asheville Celtic Shamanic practitioner, Gail Gulick, and shamanic drummers Dean Buckley and Bobby Baranowski. We talk with Gail about her background and extensive training in Shamanic practice and the many ways, as Gail says, it opens us up to infinite possibilities. Gail shares about the journey groups she facilitates and the importance of how these journeys assist in our life walk. In the second portion of the show we speak with shamanic drummers, Dean Buckley, who is Gail’s husband, and drummer and musician Bobby Baranowski. We will talk about shamanic drumming, the theta brain wave state that it induces, which helps facilitate a deep journey state/experience. And we listen to soundbites of Dean’s and Bobby’s drumming.

Journeys Into the Heart of Vibration

Journeys Into the Heart of Vibration

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Everything is sound, frequency, vibration. Our world is created from and is RESONANCE, the Creative Life Force that animates all things. We human beings are walking, talking symphonies of resonance, right down to our DNA. Ancient civilizations knew this and used forms of sound and vibration for healing and wellbeing.

Over the last 25 years, there has been an amazing increase in exploration and discovery of new ways of using vibration to heal catastrophic illnesses and keep ourselves and our world in balance. We share information that is vital for a new paradigm of thinking and being.

Join us for an exploration of modalities, potentialities, and breakthroughs, through the sharing of our special guest experts and pioneers who are working on the cutting edge of vibrational healing. The world of resonance is OUR world that we live in, and these tools and approaches can help us reach a vibrant state of health and well-being.

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Myrrh de Marmion

Myrrh de Marmion

Myrrh de Marmion is a Vibrational Alchemist who works with Sacred Sound as a pathway to experience deeper well-being. In 2003, Myrrh had a powerful out of body experience during a demonstration of tuning forks at a conference, during which the Divine Universe expressed itself to her as pure sound breathing through love. This experience opened her voice to a new form of vocal expression and propelled her to deeper study of sound and vibration, energy healing and shamanic practices.

What has emerged is the core of her Sacred Sound work, Sacred Voice, a profound heart-centered vocal sounding practice that is an expression of self and a deeply healing embodiment of love. A client described her personal experience of it as, invoking the ancestral birthplace of our origins, the Mother Tongue of the Womb, the Great Source. A memory of unnamable familiarity, exquisite love, and renewal. Sacred Voice is the basis of Myrrh’s workshop series, The Hum and Dance of the Soul, coming in Spring 2019.

Myrrh’s first CD, Mother Tongues, recorded at the TANK Center for Sonic Arts in Rangely, Colorado, will be released in 2019. The CD blends Sacred Voice, Tibetan and crystal bowls and tongue drums blended into a prayer to the Divine Mother. Myrrh is also creating a nonprofit educational retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina, which will offer a supportive space for individuals to explore and expand their innate gifts of art, music and energy arts.

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