/ Why We Push Love Away with Dr. Gary Salyer Thursday, October 17, 2019

Why We Push Love Away with Dr. Gary Salyer

October 17, 2019
Hosted by Robin LaCross

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Why do relationships fail? Why do we seem doomed to attract the same type of partner instead of learning from our mistakes so that the next one can last forever? What you may not realize is that how your parents interacted with each other and with you left an imprint on your psyche that governs how your brain responds to love. Do you worry love will leave you? Do you feel lonely in your relationship? Do you unconsciously create distance? Robin and her special guest, Dr. Gary Salyer discuss Attachment Theory and how attachment styles affect our relationships. It can be difficult to trust your heart after a difficult breakup. Dr. Gary shares ways to heal childhood wounds so that you can improve your current relationship. Or, if you are single, to be ready for your next one. These strategies can help you find your soul mate or keep the one you already have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel safe enough to love fully from the deepest parts of your being – and to be loved right back?

Holistic Sex Ed Radio

Holistic Sex Ed Radio

Thursday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

It is often said that sex is one of the most challenging topics for couples to discuss effectively. If this is true, then how can we EVER hope to feel comfortable when it comes to talking to our kids about sex?

We feature a wide variety of topics to help parents have meaningful conversations with their kids about growing up, teen sex, healthy relationships and staying safe in our rapidly changing world. Each episode is full of practical information you can implement right away. Our guests give you food for thought, things to consider and strategies to help you get the results you want. You’ll feel more prepared and less stressed for the conversations that matter most.

Kids need your help to successfully navigate these taboo topics so that they can acquire the tools and skills they need to create healthy relationships and lay a solid foundation for a life of their dreams. Holistic Sex Ed Radio is broadcast live Thursdays at 10 AM Pacific on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

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Robin LaCross

Robin LaCross

Robin LaCross is a holistic health practitioner who specializes in women’s reproductive health. She has been using and teaching natural birth control methods for over 25 years. Robin is passionate about empowering women and making sure all girls grow up knowing and understanding their bodies.

Robin believes that by changing the way parents talk to their kids about sex we can reduce unintended pregnancies and the spread of STDs in the world. To this end, Robin founded the HPV Education Project to raise awareness about the virus and the problems it causes. She also created a pair of online interview series called the Raising Empowered Daughters Summit and the Raising Empowered Kids Interview Series where she interviewed over 40 experts on a wide variety of topics designed to empower parents to communicate freely with their children about growing up, sex, relationships and staying safe.

Robin helps parents prepare for these challenging conversations by offering online training programs, private coaching and through her weekly radio show, Holistic Sex Ed Radio.

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