Become a Nurse Attorney!

May 26, 2020
Hosted by Lakel Ebb

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Are you a Nurse who has a strong interest in the law and healthcare policy? If that's you, then you may want to consider becoming a Nurse Attorney. In this episode, you will get insight on what it takes to become a Nurse Attorney. You will learn the difference between a legal nurse consultant and a Nurse Attorney. You will also meet Hahnah Williams, Esq, RN who is an Nurse entrepreneur and attorney. Hahnah will talk about her experience as a nurse and how she transitioned from being a clinician to practicing law to support healthcare professionals. In addition to practicing law, Hahnah is an author and professional speaker who has hosted various seminars and webinars on legal issues in healthcare. She will provide general tips for nurses who are in the process of applying for licensure and who may be considering starting a business.

The Wealthy Nurse Hour

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Throughout my career I have noticed that nurses, nurse aides and caregivers are overworked, underpaid and lack the flexibility and freedom to have a satisfying work life balance. As a result, a large number of nurses are leaving traditional nursing and becoming entrepreneurs.

I decided to create the show "The Wealthy Nurse Hour" to establish a platform for nurse entrepreneurs to showcase their business. These Nurse leaders will discuss their journey as entrepreneurs and how they achieved their current success. There are a variety of specialty areas to enter as a nurse entrepreneur. Our guests will give aspiring nurses insight on ways to transition from the bedside to business.

I believe that wealth is a mindset. If an individual can make up their mind to change an unfavorable situation, then they have the ability to live a wealthy life. The possession, or the manifestation, of wealth starts with the way a person thinks.

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Lakel Ebb

Lakel Ebb BSN, RN, is a Nurse entrepreneur, speaker and host of "The Wealthy Nurse Hour". Having worked in the nursing profession for over 15 years, she understands deeply the enormous role nurses play in providing quality healthcare to the individuals that they serve. Recognizing the value in the skillset that nurses possess and how challenging it is to transition from the bedside to business she created the radio talk show “The Wealth Nurse Hour" to offer marketing and business strategy to aspiring nurse entrepreneurs. This show serves as a platform for nurse entrepreneurs to showcase their expertise.

Whether she’s providing one-on-one guidance or teaching a lecture at one of the local colleges, Ms. Ebb promotes creativity and flexibility, encouraging others to welcome challenges while maintaining the highest levels of trust, patience and exceptional care. Her journey from bedside to business began when she entered healthcare as a nurse’s aide. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and continues her education to earn her MSN/MBA at the University of Maryland school of business. She has worked as an ER/ Trauma nurse, case manager and nurse instructor. Lakel has gained most of her experience from world renowned facilities such as Johns Hopkins Hospital and George Washington University Hospital.

Lakel Ebb believes in working hard and staying humble. She writes and listens to daily affirmations on peace, purpose and wisdom.

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