The vintage era of Americana. Can the decade of optimism offer hope amid recent global uncertainty?

October 7, 2020
Hosted by Nav. C with Co-Host Nav.M

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When remembering cultural icons of the 1960s, we think of Elvis Presley, JFK, Jackie Kennedy to name a few. The 1960s gave rise to popular culture in film and music which reflected the decade's social upheavals. This period influenced American society and culture, defining what we now understand as Americana. It was also a decade of revolution, protest and change in politics and society leaving an indelible mark on the American psyche. Indeed the city of Memphis is unique in music history because it’s thought to be the birthplace of rhythm & blues helping to shape the genre of rock ‘n roll. In this episode we step into the world of Memphis soul with Sue Moreno, an international songwriter and performer embodying grace and style. She discusses her forthcoming album of which, I’m Here, is the first release. This ground breaking work touches the soul with her exotic, smoldering vocals and reverberates across audience bases currently experiencing deep uncertainty from recent global events.

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Nav. C with Co-Host Nav.M

To understand your hosts Nav and Nav is to first recognize our life values which are embodied in the concept of symmetry and projected in our core belief of continuity. We are souls intertwined, bound to infinity or the endless expanse of the universe. By creating lasting memories for our listeners, our shared connections project a positive effect in their lives

Host Nav C. is an exponent of the transformation principle, incorporating key elements of design into a process of moving art. Developing strong relationships via the medium of positive thinking are the foundation of her personal and professional outlook. She encourages you to embrace your vulnerability as a core strength because that which we avoid, offers the richest and most diverse life experience. She has a natural flair for helping others and ardently believes that passion does not subside it simply makes way for something new. She is a confident, energetic individual who uses wit, charm and empathy with artistic license.

Co-host Nav M. is a firm believer in the transformative effect based on the concept of renewal. Life cycles are markers of new beginnings, providing clarity and the opportunity to start over. Catalyzed thoughts ignite raging flames with powerful bursts of positive energy. With a strong commercial background his view on business relationships is that empathy and integrity will always win the trust of individuals because it is our shared memories which create richer experiences.

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