Encore What is Mindblindness and Theory of Mind?

October 6, 2020
Hosted by Germaine Seufert

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We review a common deficit in children with autism where they have difficulties understanding that others have different thoughts, beliefs, intents, desires, emotions and knowledge. We review how this is different than empathy, although commonly they are used to describe behavior of understanding where someone else is coming from. There is a need for more research to continue to grow our knowledge of these skills some people have and others do not or have less of. Theory of Mind deficits occur in higher frequency with people on the Autism Spectrum, with Schizophrenia but does not correlate with mental deficits related to aging and does not correlate with IQ. These deficits reduce a persons ability to learn through observing others which is a main way most children learn in school and we learn in the workplace. Through uses of educational interventions, ABA and other techniques, improvements are observed and can lead to lifelong improvements.

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Germaine Seufert

Germaine Seufert

Germaine Seufert is a Licensed Counselor in Colorado who has been the Director of an Autism Intervention agency for the past eighteen years. In this time, matters of her clients’ health, happiness and wellness have changed over time with laws being created and implemented, resources coming and going, passionate individuals causing change for the good, research being conducted and overall awareness and acceptance increasing worldwide. Keeping up with this change and knowledge has been one of Germaine’s key interests to being able to be a resourceful and helpful individual for clients and community members. She now brings this wealth of knowledge to you. In her eighteen years of clinical experience, Germaine has advocated for children’s needs and the needs of those who are unable to advocate for themselves, through participating in legislation, learning about laws that impact decisions and regularly involving herself in making impactful and meaningful change in her community.

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