Gratitude Mindfulness Catalina and Making a Difference! Daniel G

March 15, 2021
Hosted by Brian Reinbold

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Daniel Gutierrez returns for today's conversation. We'll be talking about Gratitude, Mindfulness, the Catalina Retreat Center, and Making a difference in our world!

BraveHearts Radio

BraveHearts Radio

Monday at 1 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

A BraveHeart is anyone with the courage to be of service to others. BraveHearts Radio is dedicated to those courageous men and women who have found that the key to success is happiness and the key to happiness is service to others.

BraveHearts Radio inspires you with stories of courageous service to others. You meet the courageous BraveHearts and learn who they are, how they’re changing the world, what it takes to become a BraveHeart and how you can become one too!

Your life is changed for the better as you seek to help others change their lives for the better. BraveHearts Radio listeners live by the ideal “Doing good anywhere does good everywhere.” By their actions, by their support of others and by working together, they are creating a better brighter world for all.

You’ll find success and true happiness in service to others, look for the best in others and wind up finding it in yourself. Listen Mondays at 1 PM Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

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Brian Reinbold

Brian Reinbold

Brian Reinbold is a Storyteller, a Renaissance Man and a BraveHeart. If you spend even a little time together, you’re going to hear him say “That reminds me of a story.” He’s a natural connector, one who makes connections for the sheer joy of seeing good things happen.

Brian learned long ago that the key to success is happiness and the key to true happiness is service to others. He has had decades of success leading leaders, training trainers and coaching coaches. Following a hall of fame sales and sales management career, he turned his attention toward helping Non-Profit Organizations and Social Enterprises achieve greater success by training Mission Building Behavior.

Brian has served on numerous corporate and charitable boards over the years and currently serves as the Mission Specialist for BraveHearts for Kids. “I took the title Mission Specialist because I liked the way it fit with our NASA connection, and you know, I don’t fly the rockets, I just make sure the mission gets accomplished. It’s always an AHA moment and one of my favorite things about my Personal Retreats and Mentoring work to find the answer to an important question and to have it come from within. When we realize our authentic voice is speaking to us and that the answer has been there all along, it’s one of the greatest joys of life."

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