LeadingAge Leads the Way in Technology for Older Adults

July 7, 2021
Hosted by Phyllis Ayman, MS/SLP, CDP, CADDCT, CDCM, CMDCP

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The pandemic highlighted the deficiencies in the ability of older adults, to connect with their families and loved one's, both in our communities and nursing homes. This has led advocacy groups like LeadingAge to pursue an agenda advancing the important role of technology in aging services. LeadingAge is an association of nonprofit providers of aging services, including nursing homes that has its headquarters in Washington, D.C. There are 38 LeadingAge State Partners throughout the U.S. On Apr. 1, 2021 LeadingAge introduced a Blueprint for a Better Aging Infrastructure, which is a series of recommendations that address the economic, social and racial inequities older Americans face by expanding access to long-term care at home and in our communities; increasing affordable housing for older adults; investing in the physical and technological infrastructure of aging services—including high-speed broadband access; and addressing the fundamental need to better support and grow our aging services workforce. In addition, the present administration has put caregiving and the supporting infrastructure as an important part of their agenda. Dr. Majd Alwan. senior VP of technology and executive director of the LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) that develops and evaluates emerging technologies that can improve connectedness and engagement for older adults, joins SeniorsSTRAIGHTTalk to explain the organization's initiatives, the information that is available and how it can be accessed by both members and non-members. There is no doubt that as technology and its supporting infrastructure is available to foster connections between older adults, their families and friends, there will be a significant decline in isolation, loneliness, depression and the negative impact they have on overall mental, psychological and physical health and well-being.

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Seniors STRAIGHT Talk, formerly Voices For Eldercare Advocacy, is rebranding with expanded content and topics. The podcast will continue to highlight the all-important relevant issues for seniors, their families, loved ones and the population at large, who ultimately are our future selves. Through informative and engaging conversations with thought leaders, professionals, and individuals who share their experiences, listeners will gain insights and information that will be meaningful for their everyday lives. Phyllis’ expertise captures the essence of the topic of the day and translates it into relevant discussion that provides insight into everyday problems. As we transition into elderhood, which Phyllis calls the third act of life, seniors are entitled to have a quality and fulfilling life with dignity, respect and purpose no matter the age, condition or living environment. Seniors STRAIGHT Talk is available to listen and download on all your favorite podcast platforms.


Phyllis Ayman, host of Seniors Straight Talk, is a speech and language pathologist, certified dementia practitioner, trainer, and best-selling author who’s dedicated to improving quality life and quality care for older adults in our families, communities and nursing home residents. She’s best known for her communication skills, empathy, unwavering high standards, and believes strongly that care treatment of older adults is a direct reflection of society’s attitudes towards adults the elder years of their lives. She’s passionate about meeting the needs of our culturally diverse senior population and understands the root causes faced by nursing home residents after working in 50 nursing homes. Phyllis is passionate about teaching what she learned from helping your parents to how she can help you. Phyllis is an accomplished author and featured speaker and an accomplished trainer for both the public and private sector. Her latest book Dignity and Respect: Are Our Aging Parents Getting What They Deserve? became an instant Amazon bestseller. She’s published several articles and courses for healthcare workers and caregivers and holds a trademark for the word “IMpathy” (tm).

Phyllis serves as a board member of the Massachusetts Advocates for Nursing Home Reform, is an advisory board member to Olive Community Services based in Los Angeles, California and served as a member of the COVID19 National Health Care Coalition.

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