Encore: Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

July 7, 2021
Hosted by Síle Uí Chiaráin

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Have you seen the movie ‘Caravan of Love’? A semi-autobiographical film about an Italian man, who leaves his home town of Rome in Italy, to come to Ireland at the tender age of twenty-two, to find himself. After a very successful period of time spent in India, in a job he sourced from his then presumed to be, temporary home on the Emerald Isle, he returned to Ireland, this time to settle there. The rest is, as they say…the ‘social fabric’ of this fun loving, but very soulful man’s quest for meaning and purpose, in a world where many of the peeps around him seem to wear busy as a badge of honour. An emotional coach, he believes strongly in the importance of friendship and has a propensity for connecting authentically with people, casually and professionally in his chosen career combo of broadcasting and coaching. The movie chronicles the health, growth and restoration potential that he and his pals derive from their daily ‘hour long holiday’. The ‘inner sanctum’ are a core group of devoted and loyal pals who swim, run and have morning coffee together daily. New initiates can be admitted to the group by request and the only qualifying requirement is that you have a mind to join, turn up and involve! Conversation, connection and a sense of community are the core values within this movement-like crusade and the shared events of these infectiously inclusive and well-intended pack animals, provide the story lines within this feature length blockbuster. Everything from the circus like pace and frivolity of The Pogues ‘Fiesta’, against which the opening scene of the movie is played out, at which point the main character has a minor car crash at The Colosseum, in Rome, Italy, to ‘The Caravan of Love’ trip across Ireland that he laterally organises annually, for one charity or another, is a metaphorical and a literal life lesson for accessing and living out of one’s higher self. With no English, the equivalent of seven hundred euro and a pocket full of dreams, the main character made his way to Ireland on what appears like a whim within days of that ‘car crash’ moment all those years ago in Rome and has managed to carve out a life of abun ‘dance’ in Ireland ever since, where the less you attach to money, the more you can make. Do less to achieve more, in every sense of the word. In the interest of full disclosure, the main character, referenced above, is Andrea Splendori, my guest in this interview. In the interest of further divulgence, I’ve not seen the movie myself. In the interest of due diligence, it is important to reveal that the movie hasn’t yet been made. But it should be. This guy is the real deal. You may know the price of everything, tune in to learn the value of more. Some people are so poor, all they have is money!

Whole and One

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At the intersection of epi-genetics, neuro plasticity and psycho-neuro immunology is our ever increasing awareness of neuro-chemistry and the mind-body connect. You are what you think about. Where attention goes, energy flows. In other words, as your body keeps score, the servant can become the master. Your thoughts can knock you out of homeostasis and make you sick. Conversely when you learn how to get your emotional needs met, healthily and in balance, you cannot be mentally, emotionally and/or by extension, physically unwell. Through this empowering series of light-bearing interviews with captivating guests, Síle Ui Chiaráin from Ireland will help you to gain objective perspective on your own story. Stay tuned to learn how to manage your self-talk, quiet your inner critic, as well as build a healthy relationship with anxiety. It’s like doing a bicep curl for your brain.

Síle Uí Chiaráin

Having recently retired from her post as a primary school teacher in Ireland, in a career that spanned thirty years, Síle continues to educate, inspire and mentor in her new incarnation as a life and business coach, psychotherapist and growth strategist. Síle works with formulas to help clients achieve mind-derived health optimisation. Teaching individuals and business communities about Causing an Effect as opposed to Cause and Effect, Síle is taking blueprints for best practice, from philosophy, to initiation to mastery, one recovery programme at a time. Culture is key, when it comes to growth and expansion. Síle’s WHOLE and ONE master plan frames the 3As of adaptability, authenticity and autonomy as non-negotiable in the architecture of adaptable change-mentality, at individual and organisational levels, for optimum results.

Thoughts are the locomotive to living intentionally, as opposed to living out of habit. You choose your thoughts. Síle expounds the value of meta-cognition as a launch pad for achieving desired outcomes. When you learn how to think about what you’ve been thinking about, you are no longer the programme, you are the observer of the programme, and from here you can change practices to change outcomes. Knowledge, particularly psycho-education as well as practices such as mindfulness, gratitude and self-care are the tools of the trade if you wish to live deliberately and optimise results.

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