Beyond Fate, a Journey to Make the Subconscious Known

November 5, 2021
Hosted by Christi Anne Bela

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Episode Description

I had the pleasure of doing a Theta Healing session with Edward Deull in 2020. It was a pivotal moment in my life, having already confronted the abuse that occurred to me pre-verbal and wanting to unpack what to do with this knowledge. I felt as if I had gone as far as I could go with traditional talk therapy and a friend recommended the Theta approach. The session was like nothing I had ever experienced, we went deep into ideas that made me feel like he understood me better than I did myself. That is because Theta is the state we are in when we are dreaming, Theta healing accesses the subconscious part of the brain. As Carl Jung said, "Until we make the subconscious conscious, it will direct our life and we will call it fate." Edward sees that humans need stories to give meaning to life and our beliefs are what make up those stories. Stories are how we find safety and significance. When we can go beyond the glimpse of the conscious mind, into the subconscious stories, we can reprogram in real-time the stories and beliefs we have that are out of alignment. I can say first had it was a powerful journey that provided great support in shifting my stories. In addition to Theta, Edward tells us about Kambo, an Indigenous medicine from a Tree Frog that is a tool he has used in Men's work to help the body to release beyond any story. It's a joy to share this information with you in this wonderful episode where we discuss the ceremonies of the body and the integration of the mind.

Unbuckled, with Intimacy Architect Christi Anne Bela

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“Unbuckled” is where you will be seen and heard. It features world-renowned guests in the fields of spiritality, sexual health, wellness and coaching. No topic is taboo. These doctors, authors, speakers, teachers and healers want to hear your stories, so together we can get raw and real.

Christi Anne Bela and her guests are here to help you get out of your own way and gain the insight you need to build a life you love. The intimacy of understanding brings empowerment to all your connections. Get clear on what matters and make your boundaries your superpowers.

Anything we are too afraid to talk about is holding us hostage, and it is time to name it, claim it, lean in and do all the hard things, let vulnerability crack the heart wide open and let the light shine through.

“Unbuckled” gets to what’s underneath, past the fears of shame and up to the glory of sharing authentically. Christi Anne doesn't shy away from anything and empowers you to speak your mind.

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Christi Anne Bela

Christi Anne Bela

Christi Anne Bela, published author, keynote speaker, radio personality and Intimacy Architect. Her expertise is helping people discover the power of intimacy and how to harness it, opening themselves to living passionately.

Christi Anne began her work as a sexuality educator in 2008. She has an extensive background in Tantra, Yoga and wellness, including training at the Autism Center of America and the Kundalini Research Institute.

She is the founder of Intimacy Architecture, which combines self-growth and community building to create safer ways to enjoy and honor the power of our sexuality. The acronym she created, C.A.T.C.H., to teach boundaries to people of all ages and abilities is featured in the “Consent Guidebook” and was part of the talk she did at TEDx Lenox Village Women in 2020.

Christi Anne has spoken on the subject of consent and boundaries at the Sex Down South Conference, Mega Disability Conference and the Arc Conference for the last 3 years. She has run workshops for Sex Positive World, body positive Burlesque series, fundraisers for LGBTQ youth and outreach with the Nashville Pride.

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