Getting the Word Out with Jennifer Vance, Books Forward Publicity

February 25, 2022
Hosted by Diane Dewey

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Ever wonder why great books, favourite stories, or even quirky blogs go unnoticed even though they're so wonderful? With the number of books being published annually now exceeding one million, which Bowker points out breaks down to 2,700 per day, how can any one author expect visibility? The answer is in the publicist. Jenn Vance and her team at Books Forward, are one of the top and certainly the most beloved publicists working in the communication arts today. If you've written a book that you want readers to read and enjoy, engage in this conversation with Jenn to find out the reasons why, and why not to hire a publicist, and when. You might be surprised by the answers. Everything from audiobooks to podcasts need a boost to be seen and heard. Is your social media profile serving you well? What is the right criteria to choose a publicist? How do you choose the areas in which you want to market? What is the process for entering competitions to win literary awards? Beyond this book, how can you connect to a community that will continue to support you and your creative efforts and offer a forum to contribute and exchange ideas for the long term? “I would like to rave about the job Jennifer is doing for me. I am beyond pleased and impressed. She is getting gigs for me and is super responsive and encouraging. I just love a ‘can do’ attitude.” – Jodie Eckleberry-Hunt, author of the irreverent, laugh-out-loud Move on Motherf*cker: Live, Laugh, and Let Sh*t Go Find out how to differentiate and get yourself connected with Jenn Vance, our resident marketing expert. It will be time well spent, and, it's free! Drop In with us this week!

Dropping In

Friday at 8 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

Drop in to the dream of becoming an author. How does the book publishing business actually work? If you’re ready to tell your story, what’s the best way to do it? Do you need help crafting this tale? What about workshopping – is that helpful? When are you ready to show your work to a developmental or copy editor? The time may be now. If you’ve finished your manuscript, what are the next steps? Place your book in the context of the marketplace and decide, who is your audience? What’s the best platform to publish your work? Podcast, electronic or paper bound book? Are you well-versed in developing your book proposal? That means having your agent pitch down. Once you’ve secured an agent, what’s the optimal venue to get your book published, with all the support it needs to be seen and heard in media outlets? Whether through traditional, hybrid, indie presses, or a combination, we’ll bring you the experts in the fields of book coaching, agenting, editing, legal advice, publishing, and publicists, plus resources on the craft of writing. No matter what route you take, your best bet is to get educated. Drop in to how stories are made. In the end, we’ll all become stories. —Margaret Atwood

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Diane Dewey

My most pressing question has always been about identity: Who am I? Growing up near Philadelphia with my adoptive family, my genetic identity was hidden. Then, my Swiss biological father, Otto, contacted me when I was age forty-seven in 2002. I’d been told by my adoptive parents that my biological parents were dead, supposedly to protect me. Meeting Otto upended my life. Through him, I met my German biological mother’s family to discover that her story too, had been changed; that she’d not wanted to surrender me and she’d searched for me all her life. Finding my truth was essential.

Based on my experience I am excited to talk to people about their own search for identity. My education includes a BA from Villanova University, a certificate from the Art Institute of Philadelphia and a Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. I’ve worked for The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, The SoHo Partnership and the National Academy of Design and have studied writing through New York University’s Continuing Education program. As an entrepreneur, I founded my art appraisal business, The Realization of Art in 2006. My non-fiction writing has been published in Shared Space, a monograph, and in Artes online magazine. Writing workshops worldwide have given me the chance to learn and hone my craft. My first book, “Fixing the Fates,” was awarded the National Non-Fiction Author’s Association Silver Medal and the Living Now Award.

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