Episode 10: Exploring Fierce Grace with Mukti Gray

July 11, 2022
Hosted by Alexsys Thompson, MLC, BCC

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Grace explored in so many ways: as a blessing, the perfume of expression, within the context of fierce, and in the pause. This conversation brings all of these into action and exploration between Mukti and I. The ability to play within perceived duality and a willingness to be in flow with it is the foundation of this conversation. Find a quiet space in between moments as we both demonstrate live, the pause and reflection.

The Power of a Graceful Leader

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This show is about explorations with thought-leaders, creators and authors about how they are accessing and refining the graceful leader within. Striving to participate, rather than to achieve perfection, is one of the key capacities actively engaged and honed by all of the amazing humans interviewed in this series. You will learn about evidence-based theories, practical applications, gratitude practices, and ways to cultivate unity, alignment, and love. Alexsys’ work and the growing community dedicated to Ubuntu living and leading have all come to understand what an inner grace center is and how to access and deploy the grace that is within us. Together, and one-by-one, they are each helping to raise the consciousness level of humanity.

If you are interested in diving into a deeper exploration, join us to learn more about awakening the power of a graceful leader within you.We will provide a space for you to challenge your belief systems and uncover your grace center.

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Alexsys Thompson, MLC, BCC

Alexsys Thompson, MLC, BCC is living into her purpose of creating safe places for souls to show up. She is a bestselling author, executive coach, integration guide, and member of the Forbes Coaches Council. She focused her education on leadership and enjoys the privilege of supporting amazing humans in accessing the graceful leader within themselves.

Alexsys is living boldly, creating a life by design and, as a result, many others are locating their inner power to do the same for themselves. As a physical representation of her commitment to creacting safe spaces for souls to show up, she is living and leading at Ubuntu in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Ubuntu is a safe haven co-created by a community of healers offering organic food source, gatherings, and experiences to foster connection to self and nature.

She also recently published a book entitled “The Power of a Graceful Leader” to rapidly growing acclaim.This podcast will add the depth of conversation to the exploration of this healing and transformative power with individauls that have demonstrated grace centered leadership, including those whose experiences created a foundation for her work to spring forward from. Alexsys’ work takes what is theory for most of us, and places a practical and actionable lens to it enabling acess in new and relative ways for all.

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