MONKEYPOXALYPSE: Danger or Excuse for Lockdowns, Vaccines & More?

August 2, 2022
Hosted by Dr. Carole Lieberman

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You heard it first here! Dr. Carole recorded this episode before WHO got on the bandwagon and before Monkeypox made headlines like it is doing today! “We suspected this would happen: no sooner does the world seem to be getting over Covid19… than a new reason to spread fear would arise to keep the Big Brother mandates coming - and here it is: MonkeyPox! Just in time to call for lockdowns, masks, vaccines and - most importantly - mail-in ballots!” warns Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H.. Dr. Carole She also has unique experience as a monkey researcher - having studied the impact of maternal deprivation on monkeys which contributed to our understanding of families in the field of mental health. Dr. Carole will answer such questions as: -What is Monkeypox? and how dangerous is it? -Will this lead to mass hysteria like Covid19 did? -What are the symptoms and treatments? -Isn’t Monkeypox usually found in Africa? Why is it suddenly spreading worldwide - including in the U.S.? -How does a contagious disease spread fear that makes us more susceptible to giving up control to authorities? -Why do you say it’s just the next excuse for lockdowns, masks, vaccines and mail-in ballots? -Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from getting Monkeypox? -What was your research with monkeys - and what benefits did it provide to the field of mental health?

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Everyday we are bombarded with stories in our newspapers, on television and on the radio that make it seem as though society is spiraling out of control. But just when everything in the world seems insane, Dr. Carole Lieberman creates a sanctuary for sanity. Call or log in to get help making sense of these turbulent times or just for advice from a soothing voice. “Dr. Carole’s Couch” broadcasts each Tuesday at 1pm Pacific (4pm Eastern) on the VoiceAmerica Channel.

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Dr. Carole Lieberman

Dr. Carole Lieberman

Dr. Carole Lieberman is the psychiatrist the world trusts for help coping with today's times. She is also the preeminent authority on the psychology of show biz and the psychological influence of media. A multiple Emmy award-winner, Dr. Lieberman has spent over a decade analyzing the psychological impact of world events, as a guest and host on all major media outlets. She has appeared on "Oprah", CNN, “Entertainment Tonight, “Good Morning America”, "The Today Show", “The O’Reilly Factor”, Court TV, the BBC, and numerous other high profile shows. Her work has garnered numerous awards, including those from the Writers Guild of America, City of Los Angeles and the Film Advisory Board. Dr. Carole's latest book, Coping with Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted, a psychological survival guide, has recently been released. She maintains a star-studded practice in Beverly Hills and is listed in numerous Who’s Who directories.

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