Let Your Heart Guide You: It Knows

September 9, 2022
Hosted by Cheryl Esposito

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Cheryl Esposito welcomes Sonia Choquette, spiritual teacher, six-sensory consultant, transformational guide, & author of 19 best sellers on intuitive awakening & transformational capabilities. Our sixth sense, intuition, is our “first sense.” It is the conscious intelligence of our heart…many of us ignore its wisdom. We disregard our knowing in favor of the facts. Urgency addicted, we miss opportunities to create connections. In our busy-ness, is loneliness; a longing to live a meaningful purpose. We learn by doing, then by our un-doing. Sonia reached her un-doing: her brother died; 6 weeks later her father died; her marriage ended, her business unraveled. To regain spiritual footing she chose a pilgrimage, walking Camino de Santiago, 800km/500 miles over Pyrenees & across northern Spain. Walking Home: A Pilgrimage from Humbled to Healed is Sonia’s 35-day transformational journey into her heart’s knowing. Join Cheryl Esposito&Sonia Choquette to learn the way…into your own heart.

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Cheryl Esposito

Cheryl Esposito is on a mission: to bring the leader in you to life. She is founder of ALEXSA CONSULTING, an Executive Coaching firm, an author and international speaker. Cheryl and her team coach international CEOs & leaders, cultivating self-awareness and transformational behaviors, creating extraordinary results. She brings the best out of thought leaders, expanding the realm of possibilities. Are you ready to turn business as usual into business that matters? Take your leadership to the next level! Learn more… Cheryl’s book In the Spirit of Leadership: A Vision Into A Different Future is the 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards Bronze Medal winner. The audio book version is the Nautilus Book Awards 2009 Silver Award winner! Get the book!

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