Encore The Experience & Impact of Male Involuntary Childlessness

August 23, 2022
Hosted by Christine Erickson

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In the majority of countries, fertility statistics are most often measured by the reproductive experiences of women, exclusively. At least 1 in 5 women reach age 45, without having a child in the UK. This statistic is similarly reflected in several other countries, and is either higher or growing in others. What might this number look like, if we were to track people of all gender expressions, who do not have children, whether by choice, chance or circumstance? What do we really know about the experiences of childless men? We will delve into this topic with today’s guest, Dr. Robin Hadley, who is an international expert on male childlessness and aging. Dr. Hadley is childless not by choice, and brings the depth of his lived and professional insight to our conversation. We will challenge assumptions about men’s experiences of not having children, and address the realities of aging and male fertility. We will also discuss what men need most in terms of acknowledgement and understanding of their childless journeys. Our discussion will further reflect on what is needed for a more inclusive community movement to evolve, amidst the similarities and differences in male and female experiences of involuntary childlessness, social assumptions and policy inequities.

New Legacy Radio

Tuesday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Variety Channel

New Legacy Radio is a social justice platform to increase the visibility of our collective community, and to discuss the changes we seek around the marginalization and oppression of our diverse community. The show addresses the social, systemic, and structural realities for people without children, and the global impact of pronatalism. We discuss key issues pertaining to DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) frameworks, workplace equity, public policy and media narratives. This is also a space for allies, Human Resources and DEIB professionals, policymakers and parents to gain greater awareness around the stigma and exclusion experienced by nearly 25% of the global population. Together, we will learn about the personal, professional and global impact of pronatalism for people without children, and the pervasive ways it influences and impacts everyone, within cultures, systems and organizations. Join us in taking action for meaningful change, which includes and benefits us all.

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Christine Erickson

Christine Erickson (she/her) is the founder of New Legacy Institute. The Institute’s purpose is to advocate for change around social realities and policy inequities faced by those who do not have children. Christine is involuntarily childless by circumstance (cxc), and touched on her experiences in her award-winning book, The Mother Within: A Guide to Accepting Your Childless Journey. (2015) A revised edition is forthcoming. Her current writing focuses on the unacknowledged impact of women who are childless/childfree due to circumstances. Christine is dedicated to advancing the diverse narratives and experiences of people without children. She is a staunch advocate of our community’s equitable inclusion and belonging in the workplace, media & entertainment narratives, and making visible the ways in which our community is impacted by culture and policy, and the change we seek. As an executive and entrepreneur, she has lived and worked globally, for the majority of her career. She is an experienced executive coach, leadership educator, and the founder of the Center for Consent-Driven Leadership. She is writing a forthcoming book: Consent-Driven: Rethinking the Culture of Leadership. Christine is an advocate for justice reform in family law and court procedures, involuntary pro se representation, and multifaceted accountability regarding violence against women. She has also consulted on international women’s law and development, gender equity and healthcare access initiatives.

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