Luminary Artist, Leigh J. McCloskey--The Mirrored Chamber

September 22, 2022
Hosted by Winifred Adams

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Join your host, Winifred Adams, this Thursday September 22, 2022 at 10am PST/1pm EST on the Variety Channel on VoiceAmerica to continue her series, Conversations in Consciousness with artist and luminary, Leigh J. McCloskey. Delving into the esoteric and ancient truths, Leigh J. McCloskey sits down with Winifred to share how his latest works, The Mirrored Chamber, speaks to the need of this moment in time where we find ourselves at a culmination and turning point in humanity. Leading the way with wise words, 'preparing us for the Golden Age,' Leigh reflects on the inspiration behind Olander, and the "Living Library" he created in his home in Malibu, CA. Olander is for certain the most interactive living artwork in 3-D ever created. It invites the participant to reflect on their inner and outer narrative, thereby experiencing themselves within, as witness to this sacred space in Leigh's home. A place where coincidence and The Divine marry together to create a zero-point so profound you have to experience it to believe it! Graciously opening his home for this interview and giving another moving tutorial on the depth of consciousness in his work, one is offered the opportunity for insight into a soul reimagined through the Heiroglyph of the Human Soul. Leigh will share his Tarot Revisioned and his latest works, The Mirrored Chamber. Join in with Winifred as we share in the wisdom and unique artwork of famous actor, and artist, Leigh J. McCloskey, on Making Life Brighter. Tune in for the EXTRA SUPPLEMENT on Winifred's Youtube Channel, Making Life Brighter. "Making Life Brighter is your choice for education, inspiration, and uplifting entertainment." Listen LIVE or Catch the Archive: SUBSCRIBE on iTunes Listen to the syndication on: VoiceAmerica, iTunes, IHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon FB: @makinglifebrighter FB: @quantumgalaxynetwork Twitter: @winifredadams Youtube: Making Life Brighter Patreon: Winifred Adams For stem cell patches go to

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Winifred Adams

Winifred Adams is the founder of the Quantum Galaxy Network and Making Life Brighter Radio. Winifred is a well-known expert in her field of medical intuition and is considered a master healer by bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Her success as a world-wide radio show host and thought-leader, has continually kept her audiences across the globe educated, contemplating and informed, before it is news. Winifred's bio-science healing work has helped countless numbers of people from Hollywood stars to CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies. She is most known for her ability to help seriously ill or traumatized people, specializing in body system health and emotional healing using her unique spiritually-blessed toolbox for healing and expansive intuitive abilities. Winifred is an international best-selling author of The Silver Lining of Cancer, The Power of Your Inner Brilliance. She is also best-selling author to Manifested Blessings, Your Amazing Itty Bitty Book--Holistic Experts Compilation Book, and her latest best-seller, Voices of the 21st Century--Conscious,Caring, Women Who Make A Difference. As a professional wellness speaker, Winifred will share her amazing healing skills, live! Want to see Winifred in person? Book Winifred when you are ready for a jaw-dropping experience in healing! Designs by Winifred, which is based on the healing properties of natural stones, has been worn and collected by many, including Hollywood stars. Also known for her music, Winifred is an award-winning singer-songwriter and has been a Grammy-voting member. Her music has been played in almost every country in the world. As a leading medical intuitive and quantum energy healer, Winifred has been breaking boundaries with her skills and focused awareness of the harmonic of love, 'taking the impossible and making it possible!' As a leading radio show personality, Winifred's thought-provoking interviews create a personal and inspired connection with each of her guests. Winifred is the founder of The Global Association of Medical Intuitives. Two years running, Winifred won the Humanitarian of the year award for her work in healing and continues to write a popular health columns. Be sure to download Winifred’s App! To learn more, visit,, and

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