Quick Books? Turbo Tax? There's a New Kid In Town!

September 28, 2022
Hosted by Frank Helring

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Tax Time? Crunch Time is More Like It. I have my own rebranding of a government agency better known as the infamous Internal Revevue Service (IRS). Well consider this one, same abbreviation but now it reads . . . Internal Reclamation Service! Makes sense doesn't it? They are just reclaiming what was THEIRS to begin with right? Well your own defense and armor is to keep good and accurate and verifiable records, so when the 86,000 additional IRC Revenue "Hungry" /Treasury Agents darken the doors of your business or you receive in the mail unexpectedly that BIG White Envelope with the daunted BLACK lettering at the top left hand corner, you will be not only forewarned but most importantly forearmed to take them on. Today, we have with us just such a solution to this daunting and looming problem with a new software that is not only User-Friendly and Tracking Your Numbers but the pricing is something that will bring a BIG SMILE to your face. I have the CEO of this firm on with me today and they are just on the verge of launching their new baby into one of the biggest quagmires ever devised by the mind of man and computer. The "Infamous" IRS. Come and learn with me what they have brought to the market and just how you can take advantage of what they have designed and now complete for the BENEFIT of your Small Business to keep it out of the Regulatory Flames now being ignited inside the beltway of Washington, DC

BizZne$$ BuzZ and BizZne$$ Watch

Wednesday at 10 AM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Business Channel

BizZne$$ BuzZ is all about your business. Small business is in trouble and they have been as far back as the “rocking” that occurred in 2008. The 14.2 percent loss of many brick and mortar small businesses happened by the year 2015 (source, NFIB 2015 Report). Already being squeezed by Internet predators, like Amazon, E-Bay, etc. They are literally sucking the life out of small businesses by customer and profit “siphoning.” B2B Networking Groups and social media disappointments abound.

Small business needs a “counter” to these E-commerce tsunamis and that mechanism is the power of UNITY, RELATIONSHIP and the Law of RECIPROCITY. This is an EDGE that is a non-compete. The “perfect storm” of shut down/customer distancing, lack of capital and uncertainty are the devastating effects of COVID19 disruption.

Our mission is to provide your business the boost that it needs to recapture your personal visions, rejuvenate your operations and to bring about a platform that represents your interests.

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Frank Helring

Frank Helring is the CEO and Founder of TheHubmartLLC. He is an established executive with over 45 years of service encompassing Christian ministries, private/corporate insurance, public/philanthropic enterprises and private equities sectors.

His past tenures include owning his own General Insurance Agency from October 1977 to 1991, serving as an Executive Director with World Vision of Orange County from 1994 to 1998 inclusive as a President and CEO of a community-based organization.He has served as President of JMS Consulting Group 2004-2006, a private equities firm in Los Angeles during which time he personally consulted to the VP of Benefits of the legendary NFIB.com on “Boutique” Membership programs and Association negotiating levels of involvement. He and his wife have owned Allure Med Aesthetics, Inc. a medical aesthetics practice, since 2013. Most recently, he is currently involved with revolutionary firms engaged in accelerating the emerging “opportunity commercial marketplace” and cutting edge medical regeneration technologies.

Frank resides in Mission Viejo, with his wife Rhoda. His combination of grassroots community involvement, strategic relationships formation and continued success as a visionary corporate entrepreneur distinguish him as an invaluable asset to the small business community at large.

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