Savor Every Moment

November 4, 2022
Hosted by dLee

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Episode Description

"Completely engage with each moment with all of your senses." ~ d Lee Are you present when you take each moment and all of the tasks you are trying to do within the space and time you have set aside? When you use your eyes to read, do you notice what you are reading and how it feels inside as you see images or read the stories you are focusing on. Do you hear the birds chirping in the morning or the smell and gurgle of the coffee brewing? Do you feel the smoothness of paper or desk as you access your computer screen with your mouse? Do you taste the lingering coffee in your mouth after your first sip in the morning as you are waking up? Can you remember all of these moments at the end of the day? Savoring the moments as a savoring experience allows you to remember them. We recall a lot of negative experiences because they make an impression. Join us as we explore increasing our vitality when we consciously pay attention to the uplifting energy moments we mindfully savor and remember.

Pause, Breathe and Create

Friday at 2 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Pause, Breathe and Create is about creating a positive perspective to help you experience the inner peace, joy, love and happiness you deserve. Let go of your busy to-do list and practice new ways to pause, reflect, and develop habits to live life with unlimited inspiration! We will explore how using all your senses, words and images can become an oasis of calm. Pause in dLight with discovery and curiosity so you can play, be thankful, and wonder-filled in awe with what our world has to offer.

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dLee is a passionate photographer, author, talk show host and businesswoman infusing her life with creativity and positivity. She has spent time walking the streets of her community capturing moments of life and nature through her lens. Through this creative process, she naturally began living with more presence and awareness. Growing up, dLee spent time in her father’s garden where she enjoyed the positive beats of this natural environment. She created and produced summer shows using a stage set, records with music and neighborhood kids as the actors in the stories. For these shows, she managed the players and painted the show graphics on large rolls of left over newsprint paper. She learned valuable life lessons working with these creative productions. dLee was encouraged and inspired by her artist mother and several artist neighbors to play with art mediums just for the joyful experience. Today, dLee combines her love for writing and photography, as her lily pad, to create beautiful wall art, gifts and photo books offered at her website, Her latest creative project is Integrating Rounds, an inspirational focused photo and word art collection.

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