Carla Fox Setting Your Energetic Template for 2023

January 4, 2023
Hosted by Angela Zabel

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What is an energetic template and why would you want to use one for 2023? Are you looking to make changes in your life or set your foundation to a steady path of growth? Are you feeling stuck or blocked? Carla created a new Quantum Sphere Healing technique. Her communication with other realms is giving all of us the ability to understand and set our energetic template for 2023. Are you energetically ready? Join us as we set the course together. Bring a paper and pen and be ready to engage. Carla has spent the last 25 years as an energy healer, first in the Peruvian Shamanic traditions, and then utilizing her Quantum Sphere Healing technique that she created in 2012. Throughout all of this time, Her goal has been to empower people in their awakening and spiritual evolution. Her expertise with clients involves getting them unstuck so that they can move forward, in addition to getting them back into their bodies and clearing away any dark energies that they may be carrying. In addition to her healing practice, she has taught numerous workshops, and trained healers in both the Shamanic traditions and Quantum Sphere Healing. Her recent workshop is entitled “Journeys Beyond the Physical” where the students are taught how to use the Shamanic Death Rites to assist deceased loved ones to move on if they are stuck after they pass. Her current passion is her own spiritual evolution, facilitated in part with a dedicated group of former students that she meets with once a month for journeys out into the Cosmos. Join Carla today for a “mini workshop” entitled “Setting Your Energetic Template for 2023”. This will be a guided journey that will enable you to clarify and release what did not work for you in 2022, and create a template of positive outcomes for 2023. Make sure you have paper and pen handy to take notes if desired. Carla also has many online Mp3 Tools for Transition downloadable audio workshops. These cover grounding, bringing your shadow through light, spiraling through your DNA, Journey of your Soul, Healing inner wounds, Journey to meet your non-human aspects, Putting it all together, Shamanic death rites, Journey beyond the Physical and many more along with setting your energetic template for 2023 the full length version. To book a QSH healing session, please contact Carla via her website at Carla’s blog is located at Angela has connected to Spirit her entire life. She works with a Team in the non physical, together bringing through specific information to bring guidance to the people she works with. She is a teacher, coach, medium, radio show host, writer, retreat host, gallery reader, speaker, online private and group sessions, classes offering guidance connecting with people throughout the world. Check out more information on Angela on her website:

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Angela is a Medium working with a Team on the other side in the non- physical. Help her bring clarity and understanding to both worlds, this world and Theirs.

Angela Zabel

Angela has been working with Spirit her entire life. Her earliest memories are of people that passed unknown to her, playing cards in her room. My fear of those in Spirit turned to understanding with Their patient teaching. I work intimately with those on the other side who I am honored to call my Team. The messages of those in Spirit have been so impactful for myself and others. As we bridge the physical and non physical the multi dimensional communication continues. Working with integrity, compassion and humor with individual mediumship and guidance readings, gallery reader, speaker, retreats, teacher, mentor, columnist, expo and radio talk show host. You can find more information on my various social media sites and my website

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