Give it a VOICE!

March 10, 2023
Hosted by Maria Gingras and Samantha Shea

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Episode Description

In their 7th episode, Samantha & Maria discuss the topic of grief & how it relates to our overall health (physical, mental & emotional), as well as the profound effects it has on how we "show up" in our day to day lives. As energy healers, Maria & Sam see a great deal of "unresolved grief" energies "stuck" in people's bodies. Maria recently became certified in a powerful modality called "The Grief Recovery Method" offered through the Grief Recovery Institute, which further expanded her inner & understanding of the "process" of grief- even though she has an extensive background in hospice nursing & end-of-life care. Spirit has been guiding her to add "grief recovery" into her personal life, as well as to her coaching services- because this is needed NOW more than ever for the entire human collective. While she's been getting strong intuitive messages about grief for the past 6-months, Samantha was getting strong messages about "forgiveness"- which synchronistically goes hand in hand with the grieving process. They both offer their perspectives & experiences with these topics & also offer tools on how to help YOU feel more empowered in feeling, acknowledging & sharing your emotions with others. Humanity has been programmed to run from, hide from, numb out to & deny our emotions, yet our Souls incarnated to experience these very energies. When we lie to ourselves about how we're feeling & what we're thinking, we lie to others & create very IN-authentic connections. This eventually leads to DIS-eases within the physical body. Our emotions (whether we deem them to be "good or bad"), are merely messengers & teachers that want a VOICE. By giving them a voice, they naturally begin to move through & out of us. Grief has many voices- many emotions & many "lessons" for us. It is described as "the conflicting feelings caused by the end of, or change in a familiar pattern of behavior" per The Grief Recovery Handbook (John W. James & Russell Friedman). This means that we have experienced grief a MULTITUDE of times throughout our lives- it's not just losing a loved one to death. The human collective will continue to be faced with life-altering experiences as the process of evolution marches on. It is time to have true self-compassion as we navigate these very turbulent times. To stay connected with Sam & Maria please see all of our channels here: Also, if you're in the AZ area on 4/1/23 please come to our Spring Awakening Festival 2023! It's going to be an extremely transformative event for all who attend & participate. See our website for more details: Much LOVE to you ALL!

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Our core message is to empower & inspire others to connect with their innate healing capabilities & deep inner wisdom. We are here to show humanity that we're ALL worthy of living a healthy, happy & fulfilling life- should each of us so choose. Our mission is to merge multiple modalities (from our experiences as Registered Nurses) & energy medicine to reawaken people to the importance of the mind, body, Soul connection. Our approach is holistic, and our message is LOVE. The purpose of our show is to spread awareness through our experiences as nurses within "the system" to our journeys into energy medicine & the unseen world of Spirit.

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Maria Gingras and Samantha Shea

Maria is a certified Shamanic practitioner, psychic intuitive medium, akashic records reader, medical intuitive, trance energy worker/healer & board-certified RN holistic health & wellness coach. She has learned through her own personal journey how to heal physical disease and mental & emotional ailments through deep meditation & introspection, energy work, help from Spirit & transformative life-style changes. Her mission is to empower others to awaken to their own inner gifts, innate healing capabilities and the Light within. She is intuitive and empathic by nature. Through her deep connection with Spirit Maria acts as a clear channel to deliver loving messages to her clients from Higher states of consciousness & the Spiritual realm. Her genuine compassion for humanity is felt within her presence & she is here to provide guidance and support to those who seek it. All the services she & her business partner Samantha offer are available via their website @

Samantha is a certified Shamanic practitioner, psychic intuitive medium, akashic records reader, medical intuitive, trance energy healer, regression hypnotherapist & Soul empowering life coach. Through her years of experience as an Oncology RN & her own self-healing journey she has learned how to embrace "the shadows" of life & transform them into gifts of LOVE & light. Her mission is to help others in also stepping into their innate healing powers & deep wisdom within. Samantha honors each individual's uniqueness and intuitively tailors her modalities to create empowering & life-transformative sessions for her clients. She started Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC so she could follow her heart's passions & soul's mission of igniting the Light within each one of us.

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