Communicate to Elevate!

May 26, 2023
Hosted by Maria Gingras and Samantha Shea

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Episode Description

In their 16th episode, the Soul SiSTARs talk about the 5th energy center withIN the body. They discuss what an imbalanced and balanced throat chakra looks & feels like. Speaking truth & BEing authentic requires us to have a harmonized throat chakra which gets filtered through the HEART. Communication has never been so readily @ our fingertips, given all of the technology that allows the spread of INformation (as well as DIS-information) @ warp speed- yet society still doesn't know how to speak & listen from the heart. We've been programmed from a young age to shut down our voices and to not express emotions, thoughts or opinions, thus as adults we often speak from fear & wounded places, rather than love. When we can begin to actively & consciously communicate, we start sharing our truths, voices & stories which becomes the INspirational medicine for others to do the same. The "powers that be" have censored our voices & truths for far too long. It's time to SPEAK up, LISTEN up & RISE up, because when we can effectively & honestly communicate, we can ELEVATE the entire human collective!

Shamanic Soul SiSTARs

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Our core message is to empower & inspire others to connect with their innate healing capabilities & deep inner wisdom. We are here to show humanity that we're ALL worthy of living a healthy, happy & fulfilling life- should each of us so choose. Our mission is to merge multiple modalities (from our experiences as Registered Nurses) & energy medicine to reawaken people to the importance of the mind, body, Soul connection. Our approach is holistic, and our message is LOVE. The purpose of our show is to spread awareness through our experiences as nurses within "the system" to our journeys into energy medicine & the unseen world of Spirit.

Maria Gingras and Samantha Shea

Maria is a certified Shamanic practitioner, psychic intuitive medium, akashic records reader, medical intuitive, trance energy worker/healer & board-certified RN holistic health & wellness coach. She has learned through her own personal journey how to heal physical disease and mental & emotional ailments through deep meditation & introspection, energy work, help from Spirit & transformative life-style changes. Her mission is to empower others to awaken to their own inner gifts, innate healing capabilities and the Light within. She is intuitive and empathic by nature. Through her deep connection with Spirit Maria acts as a clear channel to deliver loving messages to her clients from Higher states of consciousness & the Spiritual realm. Her genuine compassion for humanity is felt within her presence & she is here to provide guidance and support to those who seek it. All the services she & her business partner Samantha offer are available via their website @

Samantha is a certified Shamanic practitioner, psychic intuitive medium, akashic records reader, medical intuitive, trance energy healer, regression hypnotherapist & Soul empowering life coach. Through her years of experience as an Oncology RN & her own self-healing journey she has learned how to embrace "the shadows" of life & transform them into gifts of LOVE & light. Her mission is to help others in also stepping into their innate healing powers & deep wisdom within. Samantha honors each individual's uniqueness and intuitively tailors her modalities to create empowering & life-transformative sessions for her clients. She started Branches of Vibrational Healing LLC so she could follow her heart's passions & soul's mission of igniting the Light within each one of us.

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