Women in Educational Leadership: Transforming Risks into Rewards

September 27, 2023
Hosted by Dr. Stephanie Duguid

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Please join us as Dr. Angela Robbins, a trailblazing entrepreneur, takes us into the world of Women in Leadership. Her contagious energy and invigorating storytelling prowess will captivate your imagination as she shares her remarkable journey of transforming opportunities into triumphs. From her extensive repertoire of experiences, we will learn about the power of mentorship and embracing risk-taking - all while believing in oneself. Plus, be prepared for an awe-inspiring adventure through time! We'll witness how this extraordinary leader has created a team of professionals driven by a commitment to excellence and turned dreams into reality with unparalleled eLearning services. An invitation you cannot miss! *** In a stimulating hour of heart-warming tales and educational insights, Dr. Stephanie Duguid offers a platform for the magnetic Dr. Angela Robbins, founder of eLearningDOC. Prepare to be swept off your feet as Dr. Robbins, with her electrifying energy, unravels her awe-inspiring narrative, a testament to the transformative power of belief, risk-taking, and mentorship. Dive deep into Dr. Angela Robbins’ world, as she reminisces about the guiding lights in her life. Through her vivid storytelling, we'll explore the profound impact of mentorship, not just in education, but in crafting leaders, nurturing talents, and molding futures. Dr. Duguid and Dr. Robbins together highlight the significance of mentorship in women's leadership and the pathways it can create. Every great story has its daring moments. Dr. Robbins brings to the fore her episodes of courage, moments when she chose the road less traveled, embraced challenges, and emerged victorious. This segment is an ode to the countless women leaders who dared to defy norms, believe in themselves, and pave the way for change. Ever wondered how dreams transform into digital reality? Venture into Dr. Robbins' eLearning realm, where she and her team have been revolutionizing learning experiences. Dr. Duguid and Dr. Robbins will discuss the evolving landscape of eLearning, highlighting the sheer commitment to excellence that has been instrumental in turning visions into groundbreaking eLearning services. Dr. Stephanie Duguid sums up the inspirational hour with a call-to-action for all women in educational leadership: to seek mentorship, embrace risks, and never underestimate the power of belief and persistence. Plug in, prepare to be enchanted, and embark on this enlightening journey with two of the most dynamic leaders in the world of education!

Empowering Women in Educational Leadership

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Welcome to Empowering Women in Educational Leadership, a dynamic radio show celebrating women across all venues of education. Join us as we elevate diverse perspectives and success stories of trailblazing educators, emphasizing leadership is not all about a title. Discover strategies to overcome challenges and hear amazing stories of strength. Tune in weekly to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered to make a difference. Together, let's pave the way for a transformative educational landscape by empowering women in educational leadership.

Dr. Stephanie Duguid

As the founder of Do Good Leadership, Dr. Stephanie Duguid is a motivational speaker, educational consultant, Leadership & Success coach, and author that strives to help individuals become intentional in developing goals, purposeful in reaching their full potential, and guides to solve challenges. Her primary focus is helping women in education develop leadership skills and confidence in 90 days to land their ideal leadership role. She works with individuals to develop personally, prioritize goals, and create plans through making attainable steps along the way. She is excited to be a part of your journey through motivational moments, empowering individuals, engaging opportunities, and personal transformations. Dr. Stephanie Duguid has been in education over 30 years in both K-12 and higher education. Dr. Duguid holds a bachelor’s in human performance, master’s in sports health care, master’s in curriculum and instruction, and a doctorate in educational leadership. Dr. Duguid has been married to her husband Brent Duguid for over 25 years and has three children. Dr. Duguid resides in south central Mississippi.

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