Encore Artificial Intelligence: Cyber AI is the new Tesla of Security

October 17, 2023
Hosted by Joshua Nicholson

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Welcome to our podcast, where we explore the fascinating world of generative AI and its profound impact on various fields. Join us as we delve into the intricate details of different models designed for specific tasks, such as text generation, native speech processing, and image/video generation. We also address the pressing concerns surrounding privacy and security in the realm of AI technologies, including the potential risks of phishing emails and deep fake attacks. #malware #informationsecurity #infosec #windows #cyberattack #ciso (https://www.linkedin.com/in/joshuanicholson/) YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp94j2q_-F4SwvxgQYI_8Cg Podcast Home Site: https://www.voiceamerica.com/show/4125 In our discussions on text generation, we thoroughly examine popular models like ChatGPT, Bard, Lama, and Bloom, shedding light on the distinctions between closed-source, open-source, and academic models. Additionally, we emphasize the significance of leveraging open-source models from platforms like Hugging Face, while carefully considering the implications for cybersecurity. Discover how organizations can effectively navigate the use of AI models to protect their data and privacy. In this week's Intelligence report, we highlight notable cyber-attacks, including the insidious Akira ransomware and the successful neutralization of the Snake malware by the FBI. We delve into the details of the recent attack on Bluefield University, ensuring you stay informed on the latest developments in cybersecurity. Follow our insightful discussions on topics like AI, machine learning, and enterprise security, as we unveil the crucial intersections between these fields. The Akira ransomware has ruthlessly targeted and breached the security of 16 companies across diverse industries. Employing an encrypt-and-ransom tactic, they demand exorbitant sums of money from their victims. To intensify the pressure, the gang has created a unique data leaks site with a captivating 1980s retro aesthetic. Visitors to the site must navigate using console commands, adding an intriguing dimension to their illicit activities. The leaked data ranges from sizes as small as 5.9 GB to a staggering 259 gigabytes. Ransom demands vary from $200,000 to multimillion-dollar figures, with provisions for lower amounts if the target companies solely wish to prevent the leak of their stolen data. We also revisit the multinational operations that successfully neutralized the Snake malware, a highly sophisticated cyber espionage tool developed by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), known as Turla. This covert P2P network of infected computers spanned across 50 countries and targeted government research networks, research facilities, journalists, small businesses, media organizations, and critical infrastructure segments within the United States. #GenerativeAI #PrivacyConcerns #Cybersecurity #AIModels #Ransomware #Malware #FBI #Snake #Podcast #Tech #CybersecurityAwareness

Cyber Security America

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On the front lines of technology and business there’s a battle of survival. Behind the scenes, businesses are on a mission to keep a vigilant watch for threats in an ongoing Cyber War. But it’s not just about malware, ransomware, and breaches anymore. The obstacles and barriers companies face today are bigger and badder than ever — and these cyber threats are forcing them to prove they’re secure for the future. So when you need answers to win the battle, tune into Cyber Security America with your host Joshua Nicholson. You’ll learn what it’s like running cyber security operations teams inside some of the world’s largest companies. It’s a cyber backstage pass and real world advice for cyber defenders, CISOs, and security professionals. Cyber Security America airs every Tuesday at 9 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.

Joshua Nicholson

Joshua R. Nicholson is a multi-faceted, strategic, and accomplished former U.S. Marine Corps, Sgt., global leader, and respected member of the international cyber security & IT communities. He has 24 years of "hands-on keyboard" technology experience coupled with direct CXO and Board transformation enablement skills. He has strong business acumen, extensive industry relationships, expert technical skills in several domains of IT and Security, and deep experience driving Information Security outcomes. Mr. Nicholson has a proven history delivering on large scale global enterprise information security projects and programs. He has broad experience working and travelling internationally (U.K., EU, Middle East, Asia, Australia) maintaining and building strong customer relationships with key foreign executives and Chief Information Security Officers. His strong technology and cyber engineering skills, coupled with a smooth and confident style of explaining highly technical terms in easy-to-understand business language, is a key attribute of his leadershp style.

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