Friendships, Live, Love, Relationships, Personal Growth

February 22, 2024
Hosted by Sonna Johns

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Join me for an organic and uplifting conversation on this weeks 'Up Close & Empowered'. for another inspiring show featuring Sunaina Sharma, a dedicated National Board Certified Educator. Sunaina's incredible journey from India to the USA, coupled with her academic achievements, sets the stage for a conversation that dives into her impactful commitment to teaching elementary kids for over 9 years. Beyond the conventional educational landscape, Sunaina's approach extends beyond imparting academic knowledge. She places a strong emphasis on nurturing the social and emotional skills of young minds, aiding them in navigating life's complexities with resilience and understanding. The impact of her dedication to helping children is truly remarkable. In a new and exciting chapter, Sunaina has ventured into the world of podcasting. Driven by a deep-seated mission, she aspires to inspire growth and share her passion for lifelong learning and self-improvement, contributing to the creation of a better world. Podcasting serves as a powerful platform for her to share not only her personal story but also a wealth of knowledge and experiences with a broader audience. We will explore Sunaina's journey of self-love and prioritizing happiness, shedding light on how teaching has been instrumental in her personal growth, and revealing profound insights about herself. Tune in for a captivating conversation with Sunaina Sharma as she shares her transformative experiences and aspirations for creating positive change in the world, Thursday 2/22 at 12 PT/3 ET

Upclose and Empowered

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Welcome to Up Close and Empowered. A weekly live radio show and podcast hosted by Sonna Johns. Through authentic powerful conversations, Sonna's mission is to inspire you by helping you awaken to your inner power. Whether you're experiencing heartbreak, a lack of self-love, or going through a life changing event - you always have a choice to either allow circumstances to disempower you or empower you. This show will include real and vulnerable conversations from those who had the courage to choose themselves during their biggest challenges and use it to catapult them into becoming the highest version of themselves. We'll go deep, and we'll vibe high. Each week the mission is to share knowledge and inspiration that will help you lead a more empowered, confident and vibrant life. It's time to finally own your power! This show will support you on many levels. It's through Sonna’s own personal transformation that has inspired her to awaken you, to your own power!

Sonna Johns

Sonna Johns is the founder of Sonnalife. She is a dedicated empowerment coach, speaker and author that is devoted to helping others discover their true inner-power and live a conscious, fulfilling life. She believes in authentic empowerment and it starts within. In her early years she was a facilitator and trainer for various fortune 500 companies. For over 20 years she was a model and spokesperson for many household names including an exclusive contract with Comcast for a national tv commercial initiative. After a difficult divorce, she was forced to reinvent herself and begin a career in the corporate world. As a single mom raising two young boys, she struggled with life balance. The people pleasing patterns throughout her life, caused her to disconnect from her true-self. It was during quarantine and in solitude for months, she dove deep only to discover her biggest life lesson… self-love. She has always been fascinated with personal growth and Spirituality. All of Sonna’s experiences led her full circle to where she is today. It was through her own personal and professional challenges that she decided to take back her power and finally own it once and for all. She never looked back. Today Sonna is known to inspire, energize and empower those who want to become their highest self. Her strength is seeing the ‘light’ in others and guiding them to live an abundant life of love, peace and compassion for humanity.

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