Ep.1665: A Lesson From K-Dramas Ep.1666: The Science of Toddlers

May 22, 2024
Hosted by Kathryn Zox

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Kathryn interviews Author Jeanie Y. Chang.Mental health education for practitioners is lacking when it comes to cultural sensitivity for Asian patients and clients, according to Asian Mental Health Collective board president, Korean American licensed marriage and family therapist Jeanie Y. Chang. She noted that there's some stigma about mental health care within the Asian community in itself, explaining, “It is a very shame and guilt-based culture. It runs deep, the stigma, because of that.” One way Chang connects with her clients is through Korean entertainment. She explores how the wildly popular K-Drama global phenomenon can not just entertain us, but also help us grieve from losses, heal trauma and improve our overall mental health. She has presented her trademarked curriculum for many corporations such as Google J. Crew, Microsoft, Mondelez International, and the NFL.Kathryn also interviews Author Hasan Merali MD.Terrible twos, temper tantrums, and grocery store meltdowns are usually the first things that come to mind when people think of toddlers. But pediatric emergency medicine physician and researcher Dr. Hasan Merali has long thought toddlers are among the best people in our society and adults could do well to learn from them. These extraordinary youngsters can be impulsive, yes, but with this comes a remarkable ability to take risks and ask questions—two qualities that can help us enjoy life more. To unpack this behavior, he includes many humorous examples from his experience as a pediatrician and father, but the core lessons are drawn from two decades worth of fascinating and surprising studies in child psychology and development. He received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and Master of Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins University. His writing has been featured on CNN, Science, the Boston Globe, NBC, CBC, and Popular Science.

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Kathryn Zox is your social worker with a microphone™. She has been producing and hosting The Kathryn Zox Show Lunchtime Talk in Albany, NY for over five years and is excited about bringing her show from the capital of NY State to the Nation's Capital. She has also recently been a co-host and featured life expert on Doug Stephan's syndicated Good Day Show. Kathryn's interviewed thousands of guests including lifestyle experts, celebrities, authors, lawyers, psychiatrists, physicians and dieticians. At Albany Medical College she has trained doctors and medical students to communicate effectively with their patients. She's an actor who can be seen on the Sopranos and Law and Order and even admits to modeling for AARP! She has Masters' Degrees in Social Work and Counseling Psychology and is a graduate of the New School of Radio and Television. Much background for her show comes from traveling the world and raising three boys now in their twenties - a rock star, an actor and a film maker. There's also one ex-husband, one boyfriend, two brothers and an aging mom!

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