Is it Possible to be a Grounded Visionary?

June 4, 2024
Hosted by Kat O' Sullivan

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Do you believe it’s possible to be a grounded visionary? You might be thinking, what the bleep does that mean? Keep in mind, that a vision lives in your imagination. It’s all about imagining a future full of new possibilities that haven’t happened YET. For me, it’s all about having a powerful and empowering vision of what you really want your life to look like AND a clear path to navigate your way to new possibilities. Having both the vision and a clear path will help you make the shift from Doubt to Do. Learn how 4 Cs – Courage, Clarity, Commitment, and Capacity have helped me navigate my path to new possibilities, over and over again. They can help you do the same if you let them. Oh, and I’ve recently added a 5th C . . . Choice. After all, it’s at the center of each of the 4 Cs and we are always at Choice. Remember, it’s never too late to embrace all of who you are . . . unapologetically. Whatever your past has been, regardless of your current circumstances, and in the face of your fears and worries about the future, you can use these 4, now 5 Cs to make the shift from Doubt to Do and create the life you really want. It’s what will make you a grounded visionary. You’re going to love my very special guest, Kylin O’Brien. She will be sharing how including a spiritual component will make even more magic happen along the way.

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Ready to make a significant shift in your life? Kat believes that when "SHIFT HAPPENS," you can "MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN!" An inspiring shift can be magical when you allow yourself to pursue the life you really want, unapologetically. It opens a world of new possibilities. But wait. Does what you want feel impossible? What if "impossible" is just a story we tell ourselves? When doubt creeps in, it's time to give yourself permission to say, "Hell, YES!" to that thing that's stuck in your imagination, for fear it won't work or others will think you're crazy. It's never too late to make a shift, no matter what stage of life you are in. Yes, shifts can be disruptive. But what if disruption, and what you see as real and imagined constraints are key to a new life beyond what you think is possible? Kat and her guests provide hope, inspiration, reassurance, and encouragement. Their strategies and practical tools will help you on your transformational journey from "impossible" to "possible."

Kat O' Sullivan

Kat believes when "SHIFT HAPPENS," it's time to "MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN." As an author, speaker, trusted advisor, trained improv artist, and educational entrepreneur, Kat has helped people discover what else is possible in their lives for over 25 years. Kat is known for doing the seemingly impossible. At just 16, she convinced Bob Hope to be her sponsor when she had the opportunity to travel with a cast of 100 youth, bringing a message of hope and goodwill through a powerful two-hour musical. She completed high school on the road, staying on a second year as part of the PR team. This transformational journey helped Kat become a lifelong changemaker, helping others do the seemingly impossible. She brought her wealth of experience to her professional career, working across sectors -- corporate, nonprofit, education, and privately owned businesses, with long-lasting results. In the middle of COVID, Kat wanted to create a new life and enjoy every moment with her husband. They packed up their lives and moved to a foreign country, embracing an exciting new way of life. Kat now shares her inspiring message through keynote speaking and writing. Kat's experiences as a businesswoman, foster parent, adoptive parent of a special needs daughter, and caregiver to ill parents fueled her belief that we are all LIVING our legacy, moment by moment and choice by choice. She is passionate about helping people move toward the future just waiting for them to say "Hell, YES!" to new possibilities.

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