Reality Check: There is no courage without fear and vulnerability

June 11, 2024
Hosted by Kat O' Sullivan

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Do you see fear and courage as a paradox… seemingly contradictory ideas? What if they are two sides of the same coin, not opposing forces? Imagine… you are at a crossroad. You get to choose what direction to go. You can take the path of fear, often the path of least resistance, and stay stuck in what is OR you can take the path of courage and see it as an opportunity to discover new possibilities. What if, instead of viewing fear as a threat to be avoided, you reframe it as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery? What if you embrace fear as a sign you're stepping outside your comfort zone, find inspiration in it, and challenge yourself to create more of what you really want? Oh, but wait… there’s more. Choosing the path of courage means being vulnerable. You might be thinking, oh no, not THAT! I’ve been there and was there as I thought about what I was going to share with you on this episode. If you can relate, time to take a deep, cleansing breath with me. Really. Deep, cleansing breath. Now, let’s imagine there’s a dance between vulnerability and fear, kind of like the Tango. The Tango is known for being a passionate, emotional form of dance. The dancing couple hold each other closely and make abrupt — yet graceful — movements. When you think about being vulnerable, what emotion comes up for you? Take a moment to feel it. Now, imagine what you are most passionate about. What’s most important to you as you ponder what’s next for you? How would you feel when you are living that out? Will making that happen mean making a significant shift that feels too scary? What if you could make that shift with grace? Imagine it being a beautiful dance. When I was pondering who to have as a guest, the first person that came to mind was Kim “KC” Campbell. Learn how, as a fighter pilot she came face to face with courage and fear as she brought her battle-damaged jet down after an intense close air support mission in Baghdad… and how vulnerability played out when she landed. You won’t want to miss it! Join us to learn more. You don’t need to do that dance alone!

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Ready to make a significant shift in your life? Kat believes that when "SHIFT HAPPENS," you can "MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN!" An inspiring shift can be magical when you allow yourself to pursue the life you really want, unapologetically. It opens a world of new possibilities. But wait. Does what you want feel impossible? What if "impossible" is just a story we tell ourselves? When doubt creeps in, it's time to give yourself permission to say, "Hell, YES!" to that thing that's stuck in your imagination, for fear it won't work or others will think you're crazy. It's never too late to make a shift, no matter what stage of life you are in. Yes, shifts can be disruptive. But what if disruption, and what you see as real and imagined constraints are key to a new life beyond what you think is possible? Kat and her guests provide hope, inspiration, reassurance, and encouragement. Their strategies and practical tools will help you on your transformational journey from "impossible" to "possible."

Kat O' Sullivan

Kat believes when "SHIFT HAPPENS," it's time to "MAKE MAGIC HAPPEN." As an author, speaker, trusted advisor, trained improv artist, and educational entrepreneur, Kat has helped people discover what else is possible in their lives for over 25 years. Kat is known for doing the seemingly impossible. At just 16, she convinced Bob Hope to be her sponsor when she had the opportunity to travel with a cast of 100 youth, bringing a message of hope and goodwill through a powerful two-hour musical. She completed high school on the road, staying on a second year as part of the PR team. This transformational journey helped Kat become a lifelong changemaker, helping others do the seemingly impossible. She brought her wealth of experience to her professional career, working across sectors -- corporate, nonprofit, education, and privately owned businesses, with long-lasting results. In the middle of COVID, Kat wanted to create a new life and enjoy every moment with her husband. They packed up their lives and moved to a foreign country, embracing an exciting new way of life. Kat now shares her inspiring message through keynote speaking and writing. Kat's experiences as a businesswoman, foster parent, adoptive parent of a special needs daughter, and caregiver to ill parents fueled her belief that we are all LIVING our legacy, moment by moment and choice by choice. She is passionate about helping people move toward the future just waiting for them to say "Hell, YES!" to new possibilities.

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