Marius Dohne, Hidetada Yamagishi and Contest Guru,George Farah

June 27, 2011
Hosted by Shawn Ray

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Episode Description

Join us today Monday, June 27th at 4pm PST/7pm EST when Team MD Radio recaps the 2011 PBW - IFBB Tampa Pro Championships with contest winner, Marius Dohne from South Africa, fresh off his victory in only the second Pro show of his career! Also calling in will be Marius Dohne's training guru extraordinaire , George Farah. 1st Runner-up, Hide Yamagishi, will also be joining us! Hide made his return to the Tampa Pro stage where he pulled out a year ago due to injury but this year he nabbed one of the three Olympia qualifying spots! We'll also be recapping results from around the NPC including the NPC- James Flex Lewis Championships,Lonnie West Coast Classic, and The Adela Garcia Championships. Also, an update on the upcoming Team Universe show in New York on July 8-9! All this and more, right here at your #1 source for bodybuilding News & Information!

MD Radio (Muscular Development Radio)

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MD Radio is a 1 hr Program hosted by retired Hall of Fame Professional bodybuilder, Shawn Ray. He will host interviews with superstar guests in the bodybuilding industry, including: Athletes, Judges, Gym Owners, Promoters and Supplement Companies as well as field questions from Fans in the Fitness World! This show will deliver breaking news in the world of Bodybuilding, both Amateur and Professional. Our main objective is to provide the Fans a weekly informative avenue to learn from the best in the Sport and Fitness Industry. We will read Emails from Fans and Sponsoring Companies, as well as field Call-In Questions from everyday supporters of the Bodybuilding world.

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Shawn Ray

Shawn Ray is a retired Hall of Fame Bodybuilder who won the NPC National Championships at the young age of 21. He went on to spend 13 years on the Mr. Olympia Stage of which, 12 times he finished in the top 5 in consecutive years! Shawn is a writer and Host for Muscular Development Online TV and and Chief Consultant to GENr8 the Official Maker's of "Vitargo S2" Carbohydrate / Refueling Energy Drink. Shawn has always been known for "Telling it Like it is!"

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