Sportsmavericks Special Series: Pro-Active Treatment Programs for Concussion in Sports: Part Three - "Developing a 'Standard Locker room protocols' for concussions,'

June 12, 2012
Hosted by Ida R. Muorie

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Today, I welcomes back Dr. AB Boonswang, an expert on "Photomodulation," that is used in treatment of concussion and stroke patients in Eastern Pennsylvania. Joining the "Brain Health" panel with Dr. Ab is Mari Davies, PhD, the Director of Child and Adolescent Evaluation Unit, Sports Concussion Institute in Los Angeles. We also welcome Dr. M. Fotuhi, Neuroscientist (PhD and MD), Head of Neurology Institute for Brain Health and Fitness in Baltimore . Dr. Davies will discuss the need for base line testing in youth sports to determine the health of the brain before sports, and the difference after sports. In addition, Dr. Davie will share the relationship of neurobehavorial functioning and concussions among the youth and adolescents, and the possibility of second syndrome concussion occurring and its possible impact. Dr. Fotuhi will share his 25 years of research on Alzheimer and Dementia patients, and stress the need to have a full assessment protocol for patients that experience concussions, as there are more than six to seven complications that can occur in the brain function from issues of migraines, lack of sleep, feelings of hopelessness, that are similar to an Alzheimer patient. Dr. Fotuhi will also talked about a new device called "Brain Scope," that is going through trial research that will be available in about three years. The "Brain Scope," is said to have the capability to do brain mapping after a concussions, and specifically pinpoint if there is any brain damage, and if the athlete can return to play. In concluding, Dr. Ab will share his protocol and assessment that he requires of all his patients with strokes or traumatic brain injuries, and his continued research of his FDA devices to treat patients with concussions.

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The Sportsmavericks Show©

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Ida R. Muorie

Ida R. Muorie

Ida R. Muorie, JD is a sports advocate, author, college professor, renowned speaker, personal coach, financial strategist, international spokesperson, lawyer and the President and CEO of Sportsmavericks, Inc. Sportsmavericks is a Community Education and Sports Network company that offers services in life coaching, consulting, diversity training, publishing, community events and video conferencing workshops for sports professionals, student athletes and parents of athletes. In 2004, Muorie combined her experience in sports education with 20 years of financial experience, to launch the first sports talk show on The VoiceAmerica Network. She is also the host and producer of the audio series-- Laying The Foundation For Excellent: “Survival Guide IV Student Athletes,” the DVD, “Finding The (Sports) Woman In You,” and the author of “The Pro-Ready Impact Principles,” and “The Financial Playbook For Athletes.”

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