What You Need to H2O About Water

July 23, 2012
Hosted by Derek O’Neill

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Episode Description

Join Derek in a fascinating and informative discussion with John Beddoe, an expert on the subject of water. It's one of the important things we put into our bodies, to replenish and restore, but how much do you know about water? What choices do you make when it comes to where you get your water from? Do you drink water out of a tap? Did you know that bottled water is not the most balanced water for you to be drinking? Are you aware of what is happening environmentally as a result of the bottled water industry? Becoming more conscious of the reality of our global water situation will allow you to make more knowledgeable choices about the water you drink, and how many people in the world lack access to clean water. Tune in to learn all about water, how it affects your life, and the overall well-being of people, communities and our planet.

The Way with Derek O’Neill

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Listening to The Way with Derek O’Neill is like having a cup of tea with your best friend who also happens to be very wise and knowledgeable, having studied ancient wisdoms from the East and West. Derek uses the technique of the sword and brush, using the blade to cut away old patterns and the brush to help you paint the picture of the new life that you require.

Derek uses more than 30 years of martial arts experience to know the exact timing for offense and defense, when to intervene and when to just listen. Tune in now and discover how to live a more magical life. Derek, who has been teaching packed houses of workshops all around the world, brings his unique skills to transform even the most complicated issues that people may have struggled with for most of their lives. Bringing these issues to resolution for people is one of the greatest joys in Derek’s life.

Derek O’Neill

Derek O'Neill is an internationally acclaimed transformational therapist, author, and humanitarian inspiring audiences around the world while changing countless lives for the better. Through his practical motivational workshops, tireless humanitarian work, and as an advisor to celebrities, business leaders and politicians, Derek continues to be a major draw and inspiration for people from all walks of life.

Derek is committed to teaching individuals and corporations how to utilize untapped potential to transform themselves and the world around them. As a renowned therapist, Derek held the position of Supervisor of the Ireland's Association of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists. His popular 'More Truth Will Set You Free' workshops, and book of the same title, have helped thousands of people to recognize and free themselves from longstanding obstacles while achieving lasting goals and lifetime success.

Derek O'Neill is a martial arts sensei, loving parent of two adult children, and devoted grandfather. With his late wife Linda O'Neill, he founded the Creacon Lodge Healing Retreat Centre in Wexford, Ireland. With a unique perspective on the various global issues facing societies today, Derek is a sought after advisor in the humanitarian realm, offering guidance to influential worldwide leaders on how to motivate, create and implement lasting change where it is needed the most.

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